Burn Without Me 2 and Moroghor

Haven't posted in a while, so I figured it was time for an update. Here goes.

Finished the 2nd Burn Without Me album, titled, "Holy Blade of Death" and helped the band post it to their Myspace, Webpage and a Mediafire link. I think it came out pretty good, though some folks might think there's a bit too much of my influence on it. Seth and the guys told me to do what ever the heck I wanted to contribute, and they were there the whole time. So they could have just said, "no more guitar solos or spaceout jams," but they stayed out of the way, and seem to be happy with the final product. Obviously the brutal grindcore influence is lessened a bit, but progress and growth are necessary for a band to, well, progress and grow. As long as they don't completely shift to something totally wimpy and boring (Rush??) .

I also "helped out" a new band named Moroghor. Their music is right up my alley. Spacey, psychedelic, experimental, lots of fast blast beats, tremolo guitar riffs. They sound a bit like Darkspace produced by Trans Am. They describe themselves as "psychedelic xperimental black metal." I agree, but not so much with the black metal part. They have the tremolo riffs, atmospheric synths and blast beats, but they're really not that dark or "evil" sounding.

How did I help them? Well, I showed them a bunch of good sources online for downloading free VSTi synthesizers, effects, and the Reaper DAW, which they used to record their album. I also play some of the synths here and there, but not much. they do want me to play more on their next album; actually they're planning on a two album release (one album about "light" the other about "darkness"), so it could be interesting. I also helped them post their album to a Mediafire link, and helped set up their Myspace page and Webpage.

What else, ...? Oh yeah. Still job hunting. There is really not much out there right now. I'm still sending resumes, had a few interviews, but every job has 15-20 people interviewing. So no hits yet. Any ideas? Let me know.

Maybe I should look into being a "Band Consultant"? Any thoughts? Suggestions?