The Six Staves of Isthulothugg

 The Six Staves of Isthulothugg - a new song by Dimaension X.  Not really sure what genre this fits under - it's very proggy, jazzy, fusion-y.  So Jazzy Prog-Fusion? Progressive Jazz-Fusion? Fusion-y Jazz Prog?


Mork Borg: Andra Apokalypsen

 A new video for 2022 - Mork Borg: Andra Apokalypsen by Dimaension X.

This one's lyrics are based on the second sentence of each of the six parts of the Calendar of Necrubel (hence the title, which translates from Swedish [sort of] to "Second Apokalypse).


The Book of the Dead

Here's the most recent project I've been slowly working on, a series of music videos based on George H.Boker's poem, "The Book of the Dead," written and published in 1882. It's mostly done in a style best described as blackened drone doom metal.  Each video features lyrics, taken directly from the poem. Here's the first video, and the others are available at my YouTube page.  This first video features the introduction and parts 1 through 3, and the next videos will each feature one part each.



A Doom Metal Tutorial

Hi folks,

I have not been keeping up with posts lately, and my discography page needs some serious updates, but I did recently create a YouTube video "tutorial", very quickly documenting my process of creating my particualr brand of Doom Metal.

It's probably very incomplete, but I wanted to show the bare minimum basics of what I do to create music in this particular genre ("blackened drone doom" ???).

Here's the video:


New Music - "In 3 Days"

 This is some new music, featuring a few new ideas, tunings, toys, etc.
It's a new song, which basically a test for a few things ... New Tunings - C,G,C,G,C,D#, New Standard Tuning (C,G,D,A,E,G), or Drop-C. Revv 120 Purple Channel (Line 6 POD Go preset) Ugritone Kvlt Drums 2 with Vintage Doom Expansion Vocal Samples (don't remember where I got them from ... )
I'm also working on some other new music which is probably going to be in the genre of "doomgaze."
Yes, "Doomgaze" - a sort-of sub-genre mash-up of doom and shoegaze. Although, it's probably closer to a more traditional, blackened doom metal. 
But for now, here's a new song performed with some new as listed above ... 


As At the Beginning, So At the End

 2nd song from the upcoming Dimaension X album, "Mork Borg - 1st Apokalypse."

You may have noticed that the Discography page needs updating ... I promise I'll get around to it, and make sure links to the latest albums and music are there.  Meanwhile, here's the video of the new song ...