Each album can be downloaded for FREE, by clicking on the title - this takes you to that album's page at the Internet Archive, where you can preview the album, download the whole album, download individual songs, cover art, post a review, and explore other music by artists.

Dark Spaces (2016)Once again, I'm diving into the synth-rock world occupied by bands like Zombi, Goblin, Celldweller, and other similar bands.  Lots of  percolating sequences, sweeping atmospheres, rock guitars and heavy drums.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Brain Tree Split (2016)A rock-oriented album for Dimaension X, heavily influenced by the electronic rock of Zombi, Trans Am, Neu!, a bit of Kraftwerk, Hawkwind and the like. The Synths take the driver's seat on this one, but there are a few spacey guitar solos here and there.

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Plagues of Aegyptus (2015) - Epic ambient tribal drone doom metal - a musical interpretation of a section of the Book of Exodus.  That's the best description I can think of.  Imagine a hybrid of Godflesh, Summoning, Morbid Angel and Evoken. With some Sunn O))), Boris, and Thorr's Hammer thrown in the mix. I've also been listening to some experimental drone by Scott Lawlor with narration by Rebekah Hillgraves.

It's thick, muddy, messy, creepy.  Perfect for a Halloween party soundtrack.

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The GWEN Towers - 2014 - This music is a created from the leftover letters/notes that I did NOT use in my Improvisario and Industrialisimo albums.  May as well, use ‘em, right? Plus 90%of the other stuff I just made up on the spot. And some free improvisational playing.  Yep - just a smorgasbord of stuff. I wanted a very free-form, experimental feel for the music here. Just sit down, and record whatever comes out, whether it's all just guitar, synths, drums, etc.

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Improvisario by Dimaension X (2014) - the first original project by Dimaension X in quite a long time.  This one is a bit interesting - I took a 12-tone Row Matrix, further scrambled those notes (by starting in the middle and going out in a spiral pattern), then limited myself to improvising a short piece of music (between 20-30 seconds) in the key of that note (major or minor), and then would splice them together into longer songs afterwards. And nearly every note was played on my new Agile AL-3010.

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Industrialisimo by Dimaension X (2014)  -  what happens when you dose yourself with just a bit too much Godflesh? And you manage to find some nice Alesis HR-16 Drum Samples (which is what Justin K. Broadrick used on most of the early Godflesh albums).  Yep - this is what happens.  I wanted to create some "industrial-metal", but within the context of Dimaension X.

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Trance Ill Vain Ian Hungary (2014)

That's right, kids!  Presenting our special bootleg - The Symphonic Darkthrone!  the music from your favorite 2nd Wave Norwegian Black Metal band is presented in all its Orchestral Glory!  Performed by the Dimaexian Orchestral Ensemble, conducted by his Maestro, Davide Lanciani, and recorded at the Nexian Performance Hall.

Original music composed and performed by Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, i.e., Darkthrone, circa 1994. All rights to this music are owned my Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, and not Dimaension X. This album is meant only as a Tribute Album, and will not be used to generate any financial income (unless you go out and buy the original Darkthrone albums).

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Mental Toss Flycoon (2013)

Finally uploaded my tribute To Frank Zappa (and a few more). This is a collection of Zappa cover tunes I've done over the years.  It was time to get them all in one place.  I hope I do the Maestro Zappa justice.

I also include a tribute the the Buffy/Angel TV Theme songs, Focus, and Beethoven.

My two personal favorites are Ink Ero Des and Orange County Lumbertruck Runs Over a Weasel. Ink Ero Des (Zappa's Inca Roads) is almost sad sounding, and OC Lumber truck has such a great, downright "uplifting" melody. Yeah, that's pretty weird for me, but there, I said it.

Here's to you, Frank. You are missed.

To go to the Download page, click HERE.

Please note that NO MONEY is to be exchanged at all for my versions of these songs.  Please buy the original Frank Zappa albums, and support the Zappa Family Trust to keep the music alive.


Drone2012  (2012)

All music herein remains untitled ...

All music herein shall move, yet remain still...
All music herein shall be created to be deconstructed...
all music herein shall not only be heard but shall be
experienced by all tactile senses ...

An experiment in drone-doom-noise. I'm mainly toying with feedback, delays and other effects in real-time. For a lot of this I just propped my guitar up in front of the amp and let it do the work.

Click HERE to go to the Internet Archive page to stream preview and download, or click HERE to download directly.



A Dimaension X EP - just a bunch of songs that I recorded a few years ago that I never officially released. I was in a very heavy metal mood when I did these - they are very METAL!

The first few songs are actually recorded in Open C/D (C,G,C,G,C,D), which is the same tuning I used to record my "Light At the End of the Tunnel" album.

Click HERE to go to the Internet Archive page to stream and download, or click HERE to directly download the whole EP and album art.


A new collection of songs with no real concept in mind othe
r than it's a bunch of new Dimaension X music. Some orchestral bits, some guitar-y thrashing, some extended solos, some atmospheric synths. Just some stuff I've been working on in what's left of my free time between my job, the band (Deadside Manor), and the rest of my life.

Download directly from the Internet Archive HERE.

Download from Mediafire HERE.


E-Crisis-1 (2011)

Another foray into progressive ambient rock fusion.

Originally recorded in 1999 on cassette tape, these songs have been completely reimagned, reconstructed, and re-recorded using today's technology. Dimaension X is back for 2011, presenting the music world with another dose of his unique brand of progressive ambient rock-fusion.
Atmospheric synths, rock drums, heavy guitars, extended improvisational guitar solos... the original music created back in 1999 was mostly improvised and recorded "on the spot" as conceived, so the newer versions may be a bit more "composed" and thought out", but still retain a spontaneous feel.

Download directly from the Internet Archive HERE or direct from Mediafire HERE!


This album is a return to heavy rock, but not quite metal. More "post-metal". Yeah, that's an over-used term for semi-shoegazer heavy metal, but "post-rock" and "post-metal" bands were a big influence and inspiration for this album. Along with Devin Townsend, and his Open C tuning. I did (nearly) the whole album in a derivative of Open C (C,G,C,G,C,D is how I tuned my guitars).

Also available at a Mediafire Link - HERE


Laws of Repulsion (2009)

This album is my return to my love of free-form jazz-rock-fusion and improvisation. My tribute to some of my old favorites - Sonny Sharrock, Bill Laswell, Last Exit, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Greg Ginn's Gone project, Joe Morris - and some new ones - Nels Cline, Marc Ducret, Marc Ribot, Gregg Bendian, and too many more to mention.

Basically, the music is in the form of a guitar/bass/drums power trio with some extra synthesizers sparsely added here and there to spice up the intros, outros, etc. But what you have as a result is a bunch of very freely improvised jams, mostly first takes, ... to borrow from a John Scofield album title - "loud jazz."

I'll also be posting this album at last.fm and most likely provide a Mediafire "mirror" link.


Gothambia Redux (2009)

A dark and moody mix of progressive rock and jazz fusion. A mix of old and new songs. Guitar and piano solos. Real bass guitar. What else?
Three completely new songs.
Three songs that were originally on my “End of and Era” album (2005), but I never liked how the drums sounded on any of the songs, so I took my favorite songs from it and re-recorded them from scratch.
And Three very old ones from my 1995 cassette tape. The original versions were interesting, but my guitar playing was just not all that good back then, and of course the recording quality was not great - lots of tape hiss, fake drum sounds, etc.

Here are a few mirror links:
Download from Mediafire Here, or from Last.fm Here.


The Doom 2 Variations (2009)

A re-creation of the Doom 2 videogame soundtrack. Original music composed by Bobby Prince, and re-arranged and performed by Dimaension X. Now you can listen to those original songs from the game presented with a modern sound. Plus additional guitar solos and parts that were never in the original songs.

Megaupload link
Mediafire link (pt1)
Mediafire link (pt2)


Ambient (2007)

An all-synthesizer project from 2007 (I just got around to posting it now)

This project was done on all keyboards, no bass or guitars at all. It is more of an ambient project, inspired by Tangerine Dream, Phrozenlight, Fripp & Eno, etc. I was just in the mood to do something like this which is way more "mellow" and less song-oriented than my usual fare. My metal fans may be bored stiff listening to it, while the more avant-garde minded might like it a bit more. Like I noted above, fans of Tangerine Dream an other heavy ambient bands will most likely like it.

It is definitely more of an improvised project, though. Very little though put into it at all, just pick a sound and start touching the keys. Thats about all. Please put your headphones on, turn down the lights, close your eyes and hit play.


1st iZ Lazt - The Davellation Suite (2008)

Or a mirror link at Mediafire

Symphonic Rock from 2001

This album is actually the last of four exclusively MIDI/Synth albums I did about seven years ago. Revamped, and re-recorded with real guitars, bass, better drums and orchestral sounds, this excursion into symphonic rock territory also contains a few cover tunes and snippet tributes to various musicians. The music is "less metal", more focused on the mood and atmosphere of a symphonic rock ensemble creating a soundtrack for an imaginary movie. Only one guitar solo this time, right at the very end, so please don't be too disappointed.

If you liked Miles Davis' "Aura" album, you might like this one.


Ugotllathath - The Sound of the End of the Universe (2008)

Minimal Metal Drone meets Maximum Extreme Drum Seminar

That's the only way I can even begin to describe it. A combination of the heavy droning, sustaining guitars and synths of "Leprosia Doom" and the free jazz improv and general reckless abandon of "Aetherial Art of Decay". After listening to this one a few times, I realized it's really more of a "drummer's album", chock full of extreme metal blast beats, thundering double bass drums, percussive solo breaks, etc. Flo Mournier was a big influence in this one, Dave Lombardo, Sin Nanna (Striborg, Pentemple), Martin Axenrot, Hellhammer, John Bonham and Phil Rudd.


I Am Become Daevel (2008)
"I Am Become Daevel" - the new album, something old, something new

... the years 2000 - 2001 were musically interesting, ... I was discovering some new bands (to me, anyway - Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Krisiun, Enslaved, Gorguts, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Sigh, Darkthrone, Children of Bodom, and AYREON!!) and experimenting with Drop-D tuning on a 4-string guitar (a la Max Cavalera).


Aetherial Art of Decay (2007)

An amalgam of Free-jazz-improv and extreme metal.

Imagine Bill Laswell and Marc Ribot or the late Sonny Sharrock jamming with Gene Hoglan at The Knitting Factory with Dimmu Borgir's Mustis providing sporadic symphonic synthesizer arrangements. Sort of.

All of this new music is pretty much improvised and recorded on first or second take, with a few overdubs of some extra synths or guitars here and there. Nothing was really planned out.


Bryson's Universe (2006)Progressive Space Blues Fusion! A song cycle based on Bill Bryson's great book, "A Short History of Everything". A combination of Ozric Tentacles, Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind, Frank Marino, Sonny Sharrock, Pink Floyd? These long jams are comprised of a bunch of smaller jams that have been spliced together to form longer songs. Each smaller section is based on a chapter from the book. Find it, read it, and take another look at the very galaxy we all live in as you listen to this music.


Leprosia Doom (2006)
An instrumental "concept album" - heavy drone-doom metal - minimal feeding-back guitars, simple bass, heavy drums, based on bands like Khanate, Sunn O))), Jesu, but not quite as heavy or down-tuned. Very simple and droney, but a few pieces are of my more common style, with improvised guitar solos, and spacey synths. A few might even be considered heavy metal, or death metal.


End of an Era (2005)
This is the last of my recordings with the Johnson J-Station guitar processor and Roland Virtual Sound Canvas. I'm still a bit Zappa-influenced here (various marimbas and extended guitar solos), but the music is still a bit heavy, progressive and odd. I perform a cover of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", in a more "metallic" format, along with some Beatles hidden in a reggae-ish guitar solo section.


Cyberthief Strikes Again (2004)
Cyberthief Strikes Again - This is my first recording from 2004 where I began using Cakewalk 2004, better software, and the Johnson J-Station guitar pre-amp/processor. I did a lot of cover tunes in this one, including parts of songs from Frank Zappa, Rogers & Hammerstein, Led Zeppelin, Darkthrone, Queen, The Sweet, Slayer, Motley Crue, Metallica and Focus. Plenty of odd blast-beats, weird riffage, too-long guitar solos, etc...


Deus Fetor, Pt 2 (2003)
This recording was done soon after Loco-Motives, except without the wacky voice samples and with the old equipment back in June of 2003. Old General MIDI sounds from my computer's actual soundcard, and guitar thru my Johnson J-Station, which sounds suprisingly good! A bit less humorous without the weird voice samples, but also a bit better, no "jaunty" piano songs, or overly extended meandering (well, a little bit...)


Loco-Motives (2003)
This is an older CD I recorded in 2003 when I still was using Cakewalk Home Studio 7 (only 4 audio tracks!!) Lots of "bouncing" and grouping audio files. I was experimenting with Blast-beats and Samples from some weird video games. It's sort of Instrumental Progressive Death-Thrash, but not really, but maybe more?? No Cover Art for this one, ... sorry folks. All instruments except Guitar are from the General MIDI sound library available on most computers back a few years ago...


Dimaensia Nexus - Improvisations for the Ancient Ones (2002)A bit of a side-project for Dimaension X (hence the name "Dimaensia Nexus"). This project is kind of a cross-hybrid of technical death metal/grindcore, with some ambient synths and free jazz improvisation. The drums were played/programmed first, but with no idea of what I would then do with guitar or bass or synths. I then when back and improvised guitar processed thru an octaver to get that unison guitar-bass sound...


Learning Curve (2000) - (also posted at Last.fm, download by individual songs). This album was originally recorded in 2000, using Cakewalk Home Studio 7, my trusty Yamaha SSJ-550 HR (pre-Dimarzio pickups), a Zoom 505 Pedal, and my Radio Shack Casio-clone MIDI keyboard.

You can also download the whole thing directly by clicking HERE!

As on 08/06/08, the Internet Archive seems to be having some technical problems, so you may have some difficulties navagating to it. Give it some time to recover.

I am also going to come up with some "mirror" download locations through Mediafire, which is WAAAAAAYYY better than Rapidshare (now a bloated, slow mess), or Megaupload (buggy anyway). Zshare also works okay.

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