Here is a list of a few websites that have honored my with a review of my music. This will be updated as more reviews (both positive and negative allowed) show up.

Two more of my albums at Sonic Curiosity (reviewed by author/artist Matt Howarth):
The Cerebral Heavy Metal of Dimaension X

The Doom 2 - Variations - um Tributo a Bobby Prince
A review from a Brazilian Videogame blog (in Portugese!)

Under The Influence
An interview with Valerie Sampson at WCUW 91.3

09-09-2008 - Latest Review Update:
Final Alert's Musical Explorations Blog

Leprosia Doom & Brysons' Universe at Sonic Curiosity

I Am Become Daevel at The Ripple Effect

List of Albums and Links at Metal Madness
- (you will have to scroll down about halfway to see my listing - and while you're there, check out some of the other great bands - ALL FREE Downloads!!)

Leprosia Doom at The Internet Archive
- (at the bottom of this page is a review)

Bryson's Universe at The Internet Archive
- (again, at the bottom of the page)

Hopefully we'll get more reviews of the other albums so you can get an idea of what I sound like, etc.

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