A World Beyond Fear, Pt2

 The 2nd part in a series of minimal Drone Doom Metal music.  This one is even a bit bluesy, but just a tad heavy.  Just a tad.

Guitars recorded thru Line 6 POD Go, with some help from a Digitech FreQout pedal, and an Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run and Transmisser.


A World Beyond Fear, Pt 1

This is the first of a series of pieces I am creating ... no particular genres planned, just keeping the music very minimal and simple for the first piece, which is drone metal.  I've discovered a cool band called Chaos Echoes who do some really interesting, very heavy doomy metal.  They are also very experimental, and are not afraid to try playing in different styles of heavy music.  

I'm also experimenting with using an AKAI MPD218 for playing and programming the drums. I find using the pads is much more dynamic and realistic.  Dynamics are so important when using drum samples to really get the "feel" right.

The images are from some photos I took over our vacation, when we visited the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, and the Tower Hill botanical Gardens in Boylston, MA.

So here's my latest piece of music, a heavy, minimalist drone.


More Space Jazz 083020

 More Spacey Jazz-Rock-Fusion ... not much more to say, but there's more drum solos and improvs, bass is the Ample Bass VSTi, and I used my Agile AL-3010 Les Paul copy this time.

Most of this piece is composed of a bunch of quickly improvised bass and/or drum riffs, and them I added the atmospheric synth pads, and finally recorded the guitars. Line 6 POD GO for the guitar tones, with some additional Earthquaker Pedals (Tranmisser and Avalanche Run).



Some new music, a bit of "spacey jazz fusion."

My trusty 32 year old Yamaha SJ550HR recorded thru my Line 6 POD Go, my Hadean Uke Bass recorded direct into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, and EZ Drummer played mostly "live" with my Korg NanoPad.


07052020 - new music with Line 6 POD Go

Some new music recorded with the Line 6 POD Go.  I "composed" a song by coming up with a bunch of wild short riffs on the spot and crammed them all together as one long 12 minute song. Sure it's mostly metal, but there's a nice clean section in the middle with a melodic guitar solo.


New Dimaension X for 2020 album posted

Experimental Drone Krautrock Doom Metal from Dimaension X. I've been listening to bands like Aluk Todolo, Can, Neu!, Faust, SunnO))), even Kraftwerk, Hawkwind, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, and a bunch of instrumental psychedelic bands that focus more on the minimalistic, hypnotic side of music. It’s not about writing catchy songs, but more about a "ritualistic" exploration of jamming. 

 Composed and performed by Dimaension X. *#1 from the Gnostic Mass, based on the bar of music in Book 4, Part I. *#8 Music for the Anthem of the Gnostic Mass by Frater H.K. circa 1131. Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Productions.

Stream / Download link: 

 Direct Download of a Zip File: 


drone2012 full album video ... now streaming at The YouTuber ...

I decided to compile the individual videos and songs from my "drone2012" album into one video.  It's now up and streaming at the YouTube!