Ghost/Echo - new album for 2017

Well that was quick - here it is, the new album from Dimaension X, titled "Ghost/Echo".

You can go to the Discography page and click on the links to download it from the Internet Archive, or you can follow the links right below:

Ghost/Echo (2017) - More sci-fi electronic synth rock madness from Dimaension X.  The titles and general themes are based on an interesting rules-lite RPG named Ghost/Echo by a game designer named John Harper.

Similar to the last two albums, there are synth-sequences, guitar melodies, a few solos, some cool drum beats, and more. 

Similar to the last two albums, there are synth-sequences, guitar melodies, a few solos, some cool drum beats, and more. 

Dimaension X - Ghost / Echo

01 - Looting the Ghost World
02 - Betrayed by Vixen
03 - Hungry Wraiths
04 - Crew Needs Metal
05 - Channeling the Ghost Field
06 - Paranormal Backlash
07 - Ruins of Undercross
08 - Blackcircle
09 - Echoes of Distant Events
10 - The Truth in the Datastream

To go to the download page to stream or download, click HERE.

To download a zip file directly, click HERE.


New album coming soon!

I am finally finishing the mixing of my new Dimaension X album! I'm just giving it a final critical listen, and will start posting it very soon.  It's in the vein of the last two albums (Brain Tree Split and Dark Spaces), very synth and sci-fi oriented, with song titles thematically created from a neat game called Ghost/Echo, which was developed by John Harper of One.Seven Design Studio.  Here's the proposed album cover, based HEAVILY on some of the images directly from the game.

  If you're a fan of bands like Zombi or Goblin, you'll probably like the music.  I wanted to keep it pretty simple, just good fun electronic rock that you can have playing in the background while you're typing away at work, or whatever.  Sounds good on long car trips.  No lyrics or singing to get in the way.  You know, typical Dimaension x music.  Might sound cool in headphones late at night in the dark, too.

I'm only playing a few actual guitar solos on this one.  I'm trying to focus more on a mood or atmosphere, while keeping it rocking and fun.  Maybe the next album will be more "guitar" oriented, but I really like working with the combination of synth and guitar. And trying to create "songs" where the guitar and synths play a melody together.  It's just where I am artistically.  And let's face it, I'm not exactly a "shredding" guitarist, so my idea of a solo is a bit different right now.  It's more about trying to create a "sound" that works with the music, rather than showing off my "skillz." 

I'm also trying out a whole bunch of different guitar tones on this one.  I didn't just stick to just one guitar or amp.  I used most of my guitars for different parts, and combined my various effects toys, like my Yamaha THR-10 amp, and both my Tech21 pedals (the RK5 and Cali Fly Rig).  All recorded though my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.  And I think I used my Joyo Vintage Overdrive a bit here and there to "goose" the guitar signal a bit.

So I'll post again once it's up and available for download and streaming. 

And more music will be in the works this spring.


Hibernation 2017

Yep - ’tis still the Hibernation Season for Dimaension X.  I get a lot of music recorded and done during the Spring thru Fall, but Winter is a big drop-off due to the fact that my weekends are much busier.  But Spring is coming and my weekends will be freed up a bit, so I will have more free time to get more recording done.

I just bought a new Tech 21 FlyRig5 Cali, so as soon as I get plugged into that, some more ideas should be flying out.  It’s very similar to my FlyRig RK5, but instead of the Ritchie Kotzen OMG pedal as the front end, we have the Cali/US Metal simulation preamp (which is basically a clone of the classic old Mesa-Boogie MkII C+ amplifier).  Lots of music from the 70’s and 80’s was recorded with those amps with great results (everyone from Carlos Santana, Kirk Hammett, John Petrucci, even Pete Townsend and Keith Richards used these amps), so I am looking forward to cranking up with that!

Note that I haven’t done NOTHING all winter season.  I’ve actually spent most of my time getting demos and basic song structures written and recorded, just without any guitar yet.  I probably have enough material for several albums, so it’s really just a matter of getting the time to add final guitar to everything, and mix it all down into cohesive albums.