No time to do anything lately ...

not a new post so much, but just brainstorming - jotting some notes down ...

no time to do anything musically lately

hopefully soon my weekends will "free-up" a bit.

several things "in the can", but nothing completed.
(project/album names)
Celestial Shrine
Trance Ill Vain: Ian's Hungry
Die, Toaster Die

gotta do some solos, some wacky, jazz-fusiony basslines over active drums ... 'member the old days?

hmmmmm ... pretty uninteresting.

Well, like I said above, my weekends will be freed-up a bit soon (when my wife goes back to her seasonal weekend job), so I should begin to have plenty of time to get the guitars out again and start rippin'-it-up.

or maybe I'll just sit around and catch up on watching anime On Demand.