An old Comic Book from 1985 ...

... and now for something completely different ...

I was digging around under my desk at home and found a bunch of my old comic books that I had written and illustrated back in the 1980's. Yes, I said the 1980's - I AM that old. I decided it might be interesting to digitize them and upload them so the world can see what I was doing back then before I got heavily into music, got married, started working, etc.

The first one uploaded to The Internet Archive is a comic called "NightStrike" - the hero is a kind of superhero/secret agent type - a combination of Nick Fury and Daredevil. Sort of.

You can download it directly as a PDF HERE, or go to the Internet Archive Page and choose which format you want (Kindle, Daisy, EPUB, and a few more). I also have a Mediafire Link.

I had also worked on another series about a barbarian prince named Rogan (pronounced RO-gan, not RO-Gain). Yeah, not a very original name or idea, but I eventually incorporated a few of my friend's D&D characters into the story. I managed to do a complete storyline of about eight comics or so. That will take a while to scan, digitize, clean up, and post, but I will do the one at a time and announce when they're available.

I haven't actually drawn anything in MANY YEARS, so it was interesting finding this collection of old comics, and now being able to share them online makes it even more interesting.