Moroghor is back!

Here's the latest post from Moroghor's website:

"March 24, 2010 - Zath is back! Yes, our original drummer Zatholal is back in the drum throne and has inspired us to begin work on some new material. Our bud Dimaension X will still be working with us as a producer and recording engineer, and will be contributing some synths, some guitar parts and ambient backgrounds

We're kind of psyched up about this, and have some new ideas for new material. We will also be returning somewhat to our more black metal roots, lots of blast-beats and evil tremolo picked riffs, but keeping a spacey and dark atmosphere. Kind of like Marduk jamming with Darkspace and Xasthur.

We will update with the latest news as the recording progresses."

So yeah, I'll be doing some new recording and producing for Moroghor pretty soon. I'm looking forward to NOT playing drums again, since I had a real tough time with it for their "darkness" album, and really didn't like the final drum mix. This time I can pay attention to the details without having to worry about my own performance, etc.

More news soon...