Ego Boost - 12-21-08

Okay, I've been a little bit down and depressed lately - can't play guitar with this stupid cyst, lost power for 5 days, holidays coming up (always get the holiday blues), so I need a boost. Yeah, I'm posting the latest numbers on downloads of my albums.

It's not like it actually means anything; it just makes me feel good that people like my music.

Here goes:

Bryson's Universe 4,222
Aetherial Art of Decay 3,541
Leprosia Doom 1,722
I Am Become Daevel 1,455
Dimaensia Nexus - Improvisations for the Ancients 816
Ugotllathath 733
End of an Era 727
1st iZ LaZt - The Daevellation Suite 588
Deus Fetor, Pt2 422
Loco-Motives 409
Cyberthief Strikes Again 126

Total: 14,761 downloads

Don't know why so few people have downloaded "Cyberthief". I actually like some of the tunes on that one. Some very weird covers. Very weird. And I think the production on it is actually pretty good, too. Oh well.

Well, the song titles are hyperlinks to get to the download pages, so go ahead and help yourselves.

I personally want to thank the 14,761 obviously mentally deranged people who have downloaded my albums. Please seek professional help. Really.


Dec 23rd Orthopedic Specialist

I am seeing an Orthopedic specialist on Dec 23rd - so the cyst will either be drained, or removed.  Oh, what fun it will be either way.  If they do drain it, there is a 50% chance that it just fills up again, so they may just remove it.  Or decide to leave it and show me how to work around it.  It isn't fatal or malignant or anything.  They're actually quite harmless except for the pain they cause.  Here's a good link:

See - not so bad.  Treatable.  And mine is actually quite small compared to others that I've seen online.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and who've left comments and encouragement.  I WILL get back to my guitar playing ASAP.


All projects on hold...

Well, all of my music projects are on hold for now - I have developed a ganglion cyst on my left wrist where the thumb meets the wrist joint. Not fun. Painful. Well, at least it is NOT carpal tunnel syndrome.

I will be seeing an orthopedic specialist later this month, so hopefully it will be taken care of soon.

Meanwhile, playing guitar will be a bit painful, and my fingers are a bit weak. I'll probably have to wait until the cyst is fully drained or surgically removed before I can actually play guitar to the best of my ability.

I will keep working on the basic audio tracks for the Doom 2 Variations, so I'll have everything ready for when I can play again. I'll keep everyone apprised as things progress.



Doom 2 - The Soundtrack

My next project is underway - I have chosen to do my own versions of the Doom 2 Video game Soundtrack. Based on the original music and actual MIDI files by Mr. Bobby Prince, I have begun re-arranging the tunes a bit, re-assigning some of the instruments with more symphonic and orchestral sounds, using better drum samples (Toontrack EZ Drummer!), and adding my own real guitar and real bass (here and there).

The music will not be as "metal" as my most recent projects have been. I'd like to remain as close to the originals as possible, keeping the original flavor, but beefing them up a bit with the various guitar parts. Some of the songs that are basically just simple backing with be used as vehicles for some guitar solos, which I haven't really played in a while, so it's time to do some "woodshedding".

I am pretty much going to include all of the tracks ("maps") EXCEPT one or two, depending on how much room I have on a CD. I may leave off the original INTRO, and just use the short "Intermission" track as the new intro. It really depends on how much room on the CD, and how lazy I get towards the end.

My thanks go out to original composer Bobby Prince, Sonic Clang (who did the Classic Doom 3 music), and I know there are a few other guys who were involved in the initial game music development. This music is a tribute to your art and skills, which I greatly appreciate.