New Toys Update

Wow. That's how everything sounded when I jammed with my next-door neighbor's band with my new amp and Mean 90 equipped Schecter.

The Mean 90 pickups sound great - they do sound like a cross between a single-coil and a vintage humbucker. Granted they do hum like a single coil would, but not as much as you would think. Very clear and crisp, yet with plenty of crunch. I had the pickups installed at Wavelengths Pro Audio Studios by Dianne Redstone, who is also a guitar instructor at the facility. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to have their guitar adjusted or setup, pickups installed, etc. Very professional and not expensive.

The Line 6 amp performed well beyond expectations. I don't think I even had the master volume up to "ten-o'clock"(there are no actual numbers on any of the control knobs) and it was PLENTY LOUD. There were a few moments when the drummer got really loud, and I may have gotten drowned out a bit, but other than that, it sounded real good.

So all has ended well with these new toys, and I have kinda started a new band with these guys. We're writing a bunch of tunes, hopefully recording them, and then we're gonna try to get some local gigs in Worcester. More on that in later posts.