Three Demo songs posted!!

The first three songs (demo versions) have now been posted at Soundlick.com. Here's a picture of the cover art (as is in progress, anyway - it may change as time goes on), and a link to the songs.

The new demo songs!!

Please note that the 2nd song gets cut off after six minutes, so I've got to figure out that enigma. They seem to sound really lo-fi, too. Try playing the individual songs in hi-fi. they seem to sound better that way. I'll upload the final versions eventually, anyway. Hopefully these songs give you a good idea of what the new album will sound like. I'm definitely doing more with the symphonics and orchestral stuff, which I really enjoy more and more. I still love my metal, but I also like other sounds and styles

Hope you like 'em so far!

Please leave a comment in the Comments section.


The New Newer Album

Today I finally got started on setting up the final backing tracks for the new New album. Yes, the newer new album. I think I referred to it with a working title of "First iz Last", or something like that.

I rendered out the MIDI tracks to audio, and imported them into Reaper, each with an appropriate click track. Looks like nine original songs (with a surprise snippet here and there of a more familiar song), and one "sort of" cover tune; just the solo section from Zappa's "Eat That Question". Oh, I forgot, ... there is one cover tune that you should recognize, actually a combination of two TV themes, plus some original music tying the two together.

I wanted to note once again that this one has the more symphonic and orchestral style pushed up front a bit, and my guitars will be more of an accompaniment than the focus. Certain sections will feature more guitars, but all in all, I think this will be a pretty good sequel to "I Am Become Daevel".

After this, I'm not sure what's next. Maybe more minimal drone-doom, maybe a focus on improvised guitar solos, maybe a purely symphonic album with no guitars, maybe some jazz-fusion??

Let me know what you think!!

I had one more song which I may still try to work out, but I'm having difficulty with some of the guitar arrangements. The parts are just a bit too tricky for me to actually play, and the synth parts alone just don't sound right. I may just leave this one out, or do a lot of re-arranging so I can actually play the song.

The unfinished backing tracks actually sound pretty good on their own. Hopefully my guitars won't screw it all up.



Here's an additional list of various links and ways to contact me, should you feel the need to communicate beyond the galaxial borders of this plane of existance.

Here (yes, I know you'r already here!!)

At Soundcloud

At Last.fm

At Soundclick

You can always leave a comment in one of the various posts, too. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to post my music at their blogs, review my music, or just say "hello."


Ugotllathath - Download it NOW!!

POSTED!! Yup, it is now available at The Internet Archive, along with cover art in several audio formats (two types of mp3, and ogg vorbis).

This was just one of those projects I needed to get out of my system. I realize most "traditional metal-heads" may not like it at all; some may even hate it. But I don't listen to metal music alone. Back in the early nineties I pretty much stopped listening to most extreme metal and instead listened to a lot of experimental, avant-garde, free jazz improvisation, and jazz fusion. I also recently got into some of the drone metal bands like Sunn O))), Khanate, Nadja, and Jesu, which are really the biggest influences for this new album, along with the more traditional older black metal like Burzum, Darkthrone and Mayhem.

Here I am, just after turning 45 years old, still listening to this kind of music, creating my own twisted version of these genres, and still loving every second of it. Something must be seriously wrong with me.

Please, those of you who are also somewhat mentally damaged are invited to download this new garbage, re-post it at will at your own blogs and web-pages, and annoy your neighbors, family and friends by blasting it LOUD!!

Download Ugotllathath - The Sound of the End of the Universe


Ugotllathath - The Sound of the End of the Universe

Is is done!! "Ugotllathath - The Sound of the End of the Universe" has been completed!

I finished recording all of the tracks, mixed them down (not ALL of them were done today - some here and there over the past few days, etc.), completed the cover artwork, converted the mp3 files for posting, and will begin to post the files ASAP. Be warned - this one is very experimental, a return to the more free-form, improvisational sound of "Aetherial Art of Decay" and "Improvisations for the Ancient Ones", combined with the sustaining drones of "Leprosia Doom".

There probably isn't a typical metal riff on the whole hour-long recording. And the solos that are there are very much based on free improv; not meant to be thought out at all. The whole point of the musical exercise is spontaneity and openness, while simultaneously being crushed by pure noise, feedback and sound.

I'm not really sure how most people will react to this one. In my own mind, it is just what I needed to get out of my system before attempting to tackle the very arranged music of my other upcoming new project. I really needed to just blast out some very fast blastbeats and loud guitars, and so on. I may also have another project coming focusing again on wild, out-of-control improvisational guitar, but it may be a short one, an EP, perhaps. And maybe more "ambient" synths (Phrozenlight, watch out!! - yeah right)

I will post the mp3's and various links within the next few days (hopefully). I'll be sure to let everyone know how to get 'em.

Dimaension X


Ugotllathath - The Daevel Drone Suite

Latest updates on the new, very experimental project from Dimaension X:

Please pardon the potential long-windedness of this post - I guess I just have a lot to say about the ongoings of this current project, which I managed to get started on recording the guitars this past Saturday. Here is some more in-depth info about this project. Keep in mind, that this one is an “experimental” project, and may not be like any of my other music. Or it might be EXACTLY like my other music.

This particular project is a combination of approaches:
Combines the sustaining doom-drone of “Leprosia Doom” with the improvisational nature of “Aetherial Art of Decay”. Instead of all the music being completely random, I decided to have some Chord Progressions created from my usual Word/Phrase technique, but the chords are from an entirely different set of song titles. I had come up with a series of song titles from the random black metal song title generator on the internet (search around, you’ll find it) and created chord progressions from these titles. And then got bored with the project in general.

I needed to do something a bit different to distinguish this project as its own manifestation. The original songs had about 3 sets of chords each, but I was finding this to be too complex for its own good, and wanted something far more simple. I had also just discovered “Pentemple”, the latest recording from Sunn O))), which I found fascinating. They had once again decided to visit the realm of black metal combined with their usual doom-drone. But this time around, they have Sin Nanna (of Striborg) on drums, providing wild blast beats and other improvised percussive chaos. His drumming adds such a unique feature to the already odd music, bringing Sunn O))) to a whole new level of extremity-en-musique.

So thus I began to deconstruct the current project, and re-focus once again on my own version of doom-drone, but this time with blast beats instead of ultra-slow drums. Even though blast beats are themselves very fast, I find they often provide almost the opposite feel, almost a hypnotic “floating” sound in the background - listen to Darkthrone’s “Transylvanian Hunger”, for example. Here we have 8 songs that are all almost the exact same song, with simple, repetitive chord progressions over blast beats, almost all the same tempo. But this recording is hailed in the underground metal scene as an absolute classic, and I heartily agree.

So, … as I re-approached the project, I decided to use far fewer chords, opting to use only the first page of the FOUR pages of chords I had originally composed, leaving only nine sets of chord progressions. Nine songs.
The chords would be similar to “Leprosia Doom”, in that I would write long, sustaining passages of these chords, holding them over two, or more measures. Once again, I would use “dirty” sounding synths as a backdrop, providing and almost guitar-like sound to start. I also began creating the blast beats under these synths, practically independent of any time signature or tempo in mind at all. But blast beats alone do not make an interesting song cycle, so as I went along, I decided to create some more “normal” beats, fills, percussive patterns, etc.

I actually had no idea of what the guitar parts themselves would be like, other than holding these sustaining chords. This would be the “improvisational” aspect that would occur at the actual recording stage. No real idea what the heck I would do until I actually did it. And then try to add a second or third layer as I go along.

That’s the idea, anyway. So when I decided on a whim to go ahead and actually start recording yesterday, I made a few decisions: Just play whatever comes to mind, don’t worry too much about it, and just play whatever comes to mind. Whether I feel like adding a solo, some slide guitar, some clean, some out-of-tune, some super-distorted, some slightly overdriven, … whatever. It all doesn’t even have to be “heavy”. After all, I’m Dimaension X, not Sunn O))), right? The whole point is to create my own thing, not copy someone else’s.

I got about 7 songs done, or at least I can say I recorded guitar parts for 7 of the songs. I really didn’t put too much though into the parts, just picked a guitar tone, listened to the track a bit, and just played along. This isn’t going to be a very “technical” or “melodic” project. It is an experiment in sound and atmosphere.

Nothing more or less.



Here is a list of a few websites that have honored my with a review of my music. This will be updated as more reviews (both positive and negative allowed) show up.

Two more of my albums at Sonic Curiosity (reviewed by author/artist Matt Howarth):
The Cerebral Heavy Metal of Dimaension X

The Doom 2 - Variations - um Tributo a Bobby Prince
A review from a Brazilian Videogame blog (in Portugese!)

Under The Influence
An interview with Valerie Sampson at WCUW 91.3

09-09-2008 - Latest Review Update:
Final Alert's Musical Explorations Blog

Leprosia Doom & Brysons' Universe at Sonic Curiosity

I Am Become Daevel at The Ripple Effect

List of Albums and Links at Metal Madness
- (you will have to scroll down about halfway to see my listing - and while you're there, check out some of the other great bands - ALL FREE Downloads!!)

Leprosia Doom at The Internet Archive
- (at the bottom of this page is a review)

Bryson's Universe at The Internet Archive
- (again, at the bottom of the page)

Hopefully we'll get more reviews of the other albums so you can get an idea of what I sound like, etc.

thanX -


The Updates in progress...

As you can see (those of you rare freaks who actually read my blog), the blog/website is undergoing some revisions. I have added some features to make it more responsive, like an actual website, like a table of contents, bio, discography, and a gear page.

As time goes on, this will continue to develop, and as new posts are added, they will be featured as the "Latest News" on the Home page. I plan on adding links to my actual albums from the Discography page, so you can click on them and be transported to the actual download pages at the internet archive, etc.

The Biography will face the most changes, as I edit it to my liking. I'm not real happy with it right now, but we'll make it work. I may also dedicate a post/page to my "Word/Phrase" Composition method, with better examples of my music.

And so, it continues onward... (I'm running out of "epilogue-like" ending phrases).


(NOTE: as of 01/18/2009, this bio is on-going and may be in a state of update, etc.)

Please visit here to listen to an interview with Dave/Dimaension X

Dimaension X (located in central Massachusetts), formed in 1991 by multi-instrumentalist Dave Lanciani, is an instrumental band that fuses elements of heavy metal, space rock, and jazz-rock fusion. In Dimaension X, Lanciani (currently) records and plays all instruments entirely on his own. Additionally, Lanciani has collaborated with several bands via the internet, and is currently collaborating on a multi-media CD project with a comic illustrator. He has been playing guitar longer than any other instrument, and is completely self-taught in all other instruments (bass, keyboards, and drums). He cannot read or write formal music notation, but does use some simple music theory, such as modal improvisation, chord structures and progressions from major/minor keys.

Music Style
Dimaension X's music combines electronic elements, such as arpeggiated synthesizers and ambient pads, with extreme heavy metal elements, such as blast-beats, double-bass drums, and heavily distorted tremolo picked guitar riffs, and jazz-rock fusion elements such as extended guitar or keyboard solos, drum solos, ostinato bass lines, and improvisation. He has also begun to incorporate string and brass sections from classical music, along with timpani drums and other orchestral percussion.

His most recent project involves working with a live rock band, creating new, all original music. Stylistically somewhere between the Sex Pistols, Entombed, early Judas Priest and Motorhead, this new (as-of-yet unnamed) band plans on getting a few live gigs under their belt and recording a demo for local distribution.

Word/Phrase Composition Technique
Dimaension X is also known to have created his own method of music composition, using techniques similar to serialism or the twelve-tone technique. Known as "Word/Phrase Composition", notes or chord progressions are "randomly" created from words and phrases. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a musical note, octave root, or rest/space/sustain. The notes are used as a "starting point", and are not necessarily the final choices for chord progressions or basslines/riffs.
The following chart outlines the basic alphabetic letter/note relationship:
A B C D E F G A - A B C D E F G A - A B C D E F G A
(the 2nd A would be the higher octave root note, the dash " - " would be no note, therefore a rest or sustain of the former note) The name "Lanciani" would create the following note choices:
C A E C - A E -
Therefore, a chord progression of C, Am7, Em, C may be used in a song, or perhaps the notes C,A,E,C, (rest), A, E (rest) would be used as a bassline for a solo section. The actual use is entirely up to the composer, along with the music style. The notes/chords are merely meant to be used as a "jump-start" to get the creative "juices" flowing. The rest is up to the individuality of the composer.

Many of the albums in the discography were composed in this method, including "Bryson's Universe", "Deus Fetor Pt.2", and most of "Leprosia Doom".


Each album can be downloaded for FREE, by clicking on the title - this takes you to that album's page at the Internet Archive, where you can preview the album, download the whole album, download individual songs, cover art, post a review, and explore other music by artists.

Dimaex5003 - (2018) - the 2nd album release by Dimaension X for 2018.  The latest in the "5000" series, Dimaex5003 continues the percolating sequencers, heavy grooves, melodic guitars and synths. Yeah, more of the same. But more ...

Streaming and Download options available HERE!

Download a full zip folder of the MP3's and art files HERE!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dimaex5002 - (2018)
The latest in the "5000" series, Dimaension X pumps out more heavy grooves with ripping bass, percolating synthezisers and melodic guitars.  Spacey, atmospheric electronic rock.

Streaming and Download options available HERE!

Download a full zip folder of the MP3's and art files HERE!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dimaex5001 - (2017) - 
Dimaension X sequel to "Dimaex5000" ... more experiments with some groove and ambience.

Here's the link to the download page at the Internet Archive - CLICK HERE!

Or download a zipfile directly by CLICKING HERE!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dimaex5000 EP- (2017) - Dimaension X dives into the Trip-Hop genre, ... sort of.  A short EP album, very beats-driven, simple basslines, accompanying guitar, and weird voice samples.

Here is the link to the page at the Internet Archive  CLICK HERE!!

Or download a ZIPfile directly BY CLICKING HERE!!

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Darker Dreams - (2017) - A step towards something a little different.  The guitar are less emphasized, while piano and other more "organic" instruments like violin and a few other stringed instruments are brought forward and present the melody.  Not metal, maybe not even "rock" music.  More like melancholic ambient post-rock with influences from cinematic soundtrack music.

Here is the link to the page at the Internet Archive (CLICK HERE!!!)

Or download a zipfile directly (BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!) 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Abjuration of the Black Goddess - (2017) - A long conceptual piece of blackened atmospheric death metal -  with spoken-word narrated sections (generated by an online text-to-speech generator).
This is a long, conceptual piece of music. Originally my guitar was tuned to Open C, then eventually morphed into Drop-C. And I think I did a few parts in Drop-D, but transposed the audio tracks down a whole step. Bass guitar is either Cakewalk Studio Instruments VSTi Bass, 4Front VSTi Bass, or regular electric guitar transposed down an Octave.
The Ambient, atmospheric synth sounds are all guitar. No Synths used. In fact, this part is just my piece I just posted on YouTube entitled "Dark Drone 1" chopped up into pieces and distributed between the metal bits.

Then I added the spoken word bits after this. The words are from a section of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

To go to the download page to stream or download, click HERE.

To download a zip file directly, click HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Oakwind Hollow - (2017) - Dimaension X delves into the world of Prog Rock. After listening to lots of Yes, King Crimson and Steven Wilson, it was time to give in and try something a bit more "proggy". Less emphasis on Berlin-School electronics and more on band interplay and rocking it up a bit. There's still plenty of Moog Synth, but now some Mellotron and B3 organ, too, along with the usual guitars, bass and drums.

To go to the download page to stream or download, click HERE.

To download a zip file directly, click HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Ghost/Echo (2017) - More sci-fi electronic synth rock madness from Dimaension X.  The titles and general themes are based on an interesting rules-lite RPG named Ghost/Echo by a game designer named John Harper.

Similar to the last two albums, there are synth-sequences, guitar melodies, a few solos, some cool drum beats, and more.

To go to the download page to stream or download, click HERE.

To download a zip file directly, click HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Dark Spaces (2016)Once again, I'm diving into the synth-rock world occupied by bands like Zombi, Goblin, Celldweller, and other similar bands.  Lots of  percolating sequences, sweeping atmospheres, rock guitars and heavy drums.

To go to the download page to stream or download, click HERE.

To download a zip file directly, click HERE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Brain Tree Split (2016)A rock-oriented album for Dimaension X, heavily influenced by the electronic rock of Zombi, Trans Am, Neu!, a bit of Kraftwerk, Hawkwind and the like. The Synths take the driver's seat on this one, but there are a few spacey guitar solos here and there.

To go to the download page to stream, download, etc, click HERE

To download a ZIP file of the whole album and covers directly, click HERE


Plagues of Aegyptus (2015) - Epic ambient tribal drone doom metal - a musical interpretation of a section of the Book of Exodus.  That's the best description I can think of.  Imagine a hybrid of Godflesh, Summoning, Morbid Angel and Evoken. With some Sunn O))), Boris, and Thorr's Hammer thrown in the mix. I've also been listening to some experimental drone by Scott Lawlor with narration by Rebekah Hillgraves.

It's thick, muddy, messy, creepy.  Perfect for a Halloween party soundtrack.

To go to the download page to stream, download, etc, click HERE

To download a ZIP file of the whole album and covers directly, click HERE


The GWEN Towers - 2014 - This music is a created from the leftover letters/notes that I did NOT use in my Improvisario and Industrialisimo albums.  May as well, use ‘em, right? Plus 90%of the other stuff I just made up on the spot. And some free improvisational playing.  Yep - just a smorgasbord of stuff. I wanted a very free-form, experimental feel for the music here. Just sit down, and record whatever comes out, whether it's all just guitar, synths, drums, etc.

To go to the download page to stream, download, etc, click HERE

To download a ZIP file of the whole album and covers directly, click HERE


Improvisario by Dimaension X (2014) - the first original project by Dimaension X in quite a long time.  This one is a bit interesting - I took a 12-tone Row Matrix, further scrambled those notes (by starting in the middle and going out in a spiral pattern), then limited myself to improvising a short piece of music (between 20-30 seconds) in the key of that note (major or minor), and then would splice them together into longer songs afterwards. And nearly every note was played on my new Agile AL-3010.

To go to the download page to stream, download, etc, click HERE

To download a ZIP file of the whole album and covers directly, click HERE

Industrialisimo by Dimaension X (2014)  -  what happens when you dose yourself with just a bit too much Godflesh? And you manage to find some nice Alesis HR-16 Drum Samples (which is what Justin K. Broadrick used on most of the early Godflesh albums).  Yep - this is what happens.  I wanted to create some "industrial-metal", but within the context of Dimaension X.

To go to the download page to stream, download, etc, click HERE

To download a ZIP file of the whole album and covers directly, click HERE


Trance Ill Vain Ian Hungary (2014)

That's right, kids!  Presenting our special bootleg - The Symphonic Darkthrone!  the music from your favorite 2nd Wave Norwegian Black Metal band is presented in all its Orchestral Glory!  Performed by the Dimaexian Orchestral Ensemble, conducted by his Maestro, Davide Lanciani, and recorded at the Nexian Performance Hall.

Original music composed and performed by Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, i.e., Darkthrone, circa 1994. All rights to this music are owned my Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, and not Dimaension X. This album is meant only as a Tribute Album, and will not be used to generate any financial income (unless you go out and buy the original Darkthrone albums).

To go to the Download page at the Internet Archive, click HERE.

Or download the whole album, covers, etc., in a zip file HERE!


Mental Toss Flycoon (2013)

Finally uploaded my tribute To Frank Zappa (and a few more). This is a collection of Zappa cover tunes I've done over the years.  It was time to get them all in one place.  I hope I do the Maestro Zappa justice.

I also include a tribute the the Buffy/Angel TV Theme songs, Focus, and Beethoven.

My two personal favorites are Ink Ero Des and Orange County Lumbertruck Runs Over a Weasel. Ink Ero Des (Zappa's Inca Roads) is almost sad sounding, and OC Lumber truck has such a great, downright "uplifting" melody. Yeah, that's pretty weird for me, but there, I said it.

Here's to you, Frank. You are missed.

To go to the Download page, click HERE.

Please note that NO MONEY is to be exchanged at all for my versions of these songs.  Please buy the original Frank Zappa albums, and support the Zappa Family Trust to keep the music alive.


Drone2012  (2012)

All music herein remains untitled ...

All music herein shall move, yet remain still...
All music herein shall be created to be deconstructed...
all music herein shall not only be heard but shall be
experienced by all tactile senses ...

An experiment in drone-doom-noise. I'm mainly toying with feedback, delays and other effects in real-time. For a lot of this I just propped my guitar up in front of the amp and let it do the work.

Click HERE to go to the Internet Archive page to stream preview and download, or click HERE to download directly.



A Dimaension X EP - just a bunch of songs that I recorded a few years ago that I never officially released. I was in a very heavy metal mood when I did these - they are very METAL!

The first few songs are actually recorded in Open C/D (C,G,C,G,C,D), which is the same tuning I used to record my "Light At the End of the Tunnel" album.

Click HERE to go to the Internet Archive page to stream and download, or click HERE to directly download the whole EP and album art.


A new collection of songs with no real concept in mind othe
r than it's a bunch of new Dimaension X music. Some orchestral bits, some guitar-y thrashing, some extended solos, some atmospheric synths. Just some stuff I've been working on in what's left of my free time between my job, the band (Deadside Manor), and the rest of my life.

Download directly from the Internet Archive HERE.

Download from Mediafire HERE.


E-Crisis-1 (2011)

Another foray into progressive ambient rock fusion.

Originally recorded in 1999 on cassette tape, these songs have been completely reimagned, reconstructed, and re-recorded using today's technology. Dimaension X is back for 2011, presenting the music world with another dose of his unique brand of progressive ambient rock-fusion.
Atmospheric synths, rock drums, heavy guitars, extended improvisational guitar solos... the original music created back in 1999 was mostly improvised and recorded "on the spot" as conceived, so the newer versions may be a bit more "composed" and thought out", but still retain a spontaneous feel.

Download directly from the Internet Archive HERE or direct from Mediafire HERE!


This album is a return to heavy rock, but not quite metal. More "post-metal". Yeah, that's an over-used term for semi-shoegazer heavy metal, but "post-rock" and "post-metal" bands were a big influence and inspiration for this album. Along with Devin Townsend, and his Open C tuning. I did (nearly) the whole album in a derivative of Open C (C,G,C,G,C,D is how I tuned my guitars).

Also available at a Mediafire Link - HERE


Laws of Repulsion (2009)

This album is my return to my love of free-form jazz-rock-fusion and improvisation. My tribute to some of my old favorites - Sonny Sharrock, Bill Laswell, Last Exit, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Greg Ginn's Gone project, Joe Morris - and some new ones - Nels Cline, Marc Ducret, Marc Ribot, Gregg Bendian, and too many more to mention.

Basically, the music is in the form of a guitar/bass/drums power trio with some extra synthesizers sparsely added here and there to spice up the intros, outros, etc. But what you have as a result is a bunch of very freely improvised jams, mostly first takes, ... to borrow from a John Scofield album title - "loud jazz."

I'll also be posting this album at last.fm and most likely provide a Mediafire "mirror" link.


Gothambia Redux (2009)

A dark and moody mix of progressive rock and jazz fusion. A mix of old and new songs. Guitar and piano solos. Real bass guitar. What else?
Three completely new songs.
Three songs that were originally on my “End of and Era” album (2005), but I never liked how the drums sounded on any of the songs, so I took my favorite songs from it and re-recorded them from scratch.
And Three very old ones from my 1995 cassette tape. The original versions were interesting, but my guitar playing was just not all that good back then, and of course the recording quality was not great - lots of tape hiss, fake drum sounds, etc.

Here are a few mirror links:
Download from Mediafire Here, or from Last.fm Here.


The Doom 2 Variations (2009)

A re-creation of the Doom 2 videogame soundtrack. Original music composed by Bobby Prince, and re-arranged and performed by Dimaension X. Now you can listen to those original songs from the game presented with a modern sound. Plus additional guitar solos and parts that were never in the original songs.

Megaupload link
Mediafire link (pt1)
Mediafire link (pt2)


Ambient (2007)

An all-synthesizer project from 2007 (I just got around to posting it now)

This project was done on all keyboards, no bass or guitars at all. It is more of an ambient project, inspired by Tangerine Dream, Phrozenlight, Fripp & Eno, etc. I was just in the mood to do something like this which is way more "mellow" and less song-oriented than my usual fare. My metal fans may be bored stiff listening to it, while the more avant-garde minded might like it a bit more. Like I noted above, fans of Tangerine Dream an other heavy ambient bands will most likely like it.

It is definitely more of an improvised project, though. Very little though put into it at all, just pick a sound and start touching the keys. Thats about all. Please put your headphones on, turn down the lights, close your eyes and hit play.


1st iZ Lazt - The Davellation Suite (2008)

Or a mirror link at Mediafire

Symphonic Rock from 2001

This album is actually the last of four exclusively MIDI/Synth albums I did about seven years ago. Revamped, and re-recorded with real guitars, bass, better drums and orchestral sounds, this excursion into symphonic rock territory also contains a few cover tunes and snippet tributes to various musicians. The music is "less metal", more focused on the mood and atmosphere of a symphonic rock ensemble creating a soundtrack for an imaginary movie. Only one guitar solo this time, right at the very end, so please don't be too disappointed.

If you liked Miles Davis' "Aura" album, you might like this one.


Ugotllathath - The Sound of the End of the Universe (2008)

Minimal Metal Drone meets Maximum Extreme Drum Seminar

That's the only way I can even begin to describe it. A combination of the heavy droning, sustaining guitars and synths of "Leprosia Doom" and the free jazz improv and general reckless abandon of "Aetherial Art of Decay". After listening to this one a few times, I realized it's really more of a "drummer's album", chock full of extreme metal blast beats, thundering double bass drums, percussive solo breaks, etc. Flo Mournier was a big influence in this one, Dave Lombardo, Sin Nanna (Striborg, Pentemple), Martin Axenrot, Hellhammer, John Bonham and Phil Rudd.


I Am Become Daevel (2008)
"I Am Become Daevel" - the new album, something old, something new

... the years 2000 - 2001 were musically interesting, ... I was discovering some new bands (to me, anyway - Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Krisiun, Enslaved, Gorguts, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Sigh, Darkthrone, Children of Bodom, and AYREON!!) and experimenting with Drop-D tuning on a 4-string guitar (a la Max Cavalera).


Aetherial Art of Decay (2007)

An amalgam of Free-jazz-improv and extreme metal.

Imagine Bill Laswell and Marc Ribot or the late Sonny Sharrock jamming with Gene Hoglan at The Knitting Factory with Dimmu Borgir's Mustis providing sporadic symphonic synthesizer arrangements. Sort of.

All of this new music is pretty much improvised and recorded on first or second take, with a few overdubs of some extra synths or guitars here and there. Nothing was really planned out.


Bryson's Universe (2006)Progressive Space Blues Fusion! A song cycle based on Bill Bryson's great book, "A Short History of Everything". A combination of Ozric Tentacles, Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind, Frank Marino, Sonny Sharrock, Pink Floyd? These long jams are comprised of a bunch of smaller jams that have been spliced together to form longer songs. Each smaller section is based on a chapter from the book. Find it, read it, and take another look at the very galaxy we all live in as you listen to this music.


Leprosia Doom (2006)
An instrumental "concept album" - heavy drone-doom metal - minimal feeding-back guitars, simple bass, heavy drums, based on bands like Khanate, Sunn O))), Jesu, but not quite as heavy or down-tuned. Very simple and droney, but a few pieces are of my more common style, with improvised guitar solos, and spacey synths. A few might even be considered heavy metal, or death metal.


End of an Era (2005)
This is the last of my recordings with the Johnson J-Station guitar processor and Roland Virtual Sound Canvas. I'm still a bit Zappa-influenced here (various marimbas and extended guitar solos), but the music is still a bit heavy, progressive and odd. I perform a cover of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", in a more "metallic" format, along with some Beatles hidden in a reggae-ish guitar solo section.


Cyberthief Strikes Again (2004)
Cyberthief Strikes Again - This is my first recording from 2004 where I began using Cakewalk 2004, better software, and the Johnson J-Station guitar pre-amp/processor. I did a lot of cover tunes in this one, including parts of songs from Frank Zappa, Rogers & Hammerstein, Led Zeppelin, Darkthrone, Queen, The Sweet, Slayer, Motley Crue, Metallica and Focus. Plenty of odd blast-beats, weird riffage, too-long guitar solos, etc...


Deus Fetor, Pt 2 (2003)
This recording was done soon after Loco-Motives, except without the wacky voice samples and with the old equipment back in June of 2003. Old General MIDI sounds from my computer's actual soundcard, and guitar thru my Johnson J-Station, which sounds suprisingly good! A bit less humorous without the weird voice samples, but also a bit better, no "jaunty" piano songs, or overly extended meandering (well, a little bit...)


Loco-Motives (2003)
This is an older CD I recorded in 2003 when I still was using Cakewalk Home Studio 7 (only 4 audio tracks!!) Lots of "bouncing" and grouping audio files. I was experimenting with Blast-beats and Samples from some weird video games. It's sort of Instrumental Progressive Death-Thrash, but not really, but maybe more?? No Cover Art for this one, ... sorry folks. All instruments except Guitar are from the General MIDI sound library available on most computers back a few years ago...


Dimaensia Nexus - Improvisations for the Ancient Ones (2002)A bit of a side-project for Dimaension X (hence the name "Dimaensia Nexus"). This project is kind of a cross-hybrid of technical death metal/grindcore, with some ambient synths and free jazz improvisation. The drums were played/programmed first, but with no idea of what I would then do with guitar or bass or synths. I then when back and improvised guitar processed thru an octaver to get that unison guitar-bass sound...


Learning Curve (2000) - (also posted at Last.fm, download by individual songs). This album was originally recorded in 2000, using Cakewalk Home Studio 7, my trusty Yamaha SSJ-550 HR (pre-Dimarzio pickups), a Zoom 505 Pedal, and my Radio Shack Casio-clone MIDI keyboard.

You can also download the whole thing directly by clicking HERE!

As on 08/06/08, the Internet Archive seems to be having some technical problems, so you may have some difficulties navagating to it. Give it some time to recover.

I am also going to come up with some "mirror" download locations through Mediafire, which is WAAAAAAYYY better than Rapidshare (now a bloated, slow mess), or Megaupload (buggy anyway). Zshare also works okay.

My Gear

Here's the list of my current gear that I use to play, record, etc.

Yamaha SSJ-550 HR (c. 1986??) with DiMarzio Pickups (Humbucker from Hell in Neck, Super Distortion in Bridge)

Schecter Omen 6 (2008) - GFS Power Rails (basically, clones of DiMarzio X2Ns), neck and bridge.

Xaviere XV-870 Darkside Edition (2010) - GFS Lil Killer pickups.

Agile AL-3010SE Tribal Green (2014) all stock

Squier Affinity P-Bass (2002-ish??) all stock

M-Audio 61es MIDI Controller

ION edrums (customized - actually TWO kits built together, with custom-built kick-drum triggers)

Yamaha THR-10
Line 6 Spider IV 
75WLaney Linebacker 50
ZT Lunchbox w/Extension Cabinet
Marshall Lead 12 (speaker fried!)
Peavey Rage 158 (rarely, if ever used - actually missing in action. Dan??)

Line 6 PODXT Live
Johnson J-Station
Tech21 Classic Sansamp (purchased way back in 1992)
JOYO Ultimate Drive, Vintage Overdrive, and US Dream Pedals
Behringer Pedals

Paul's Stretch

VSTs, etc.:
Toontrack EZ Drummer
HG Fortune
DSK Instruments
Edirol TSS-1 and Orchestral
Cakewalk Studio Instruments

Drum Samples:
Analogue Drums - Big Mono Drums
Pipeline Audio
Alesis HR-16 Samples

Here is a Mediafire link to my small and simple collection of drum samples that I have created than anyone can use in their music: Dimaex Drums

Here's the actual "studio" - my Laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525) - Logitech X-140 speakers for monitoring (bought them for $26 at Target!)

That's it so far…

As of September 2014, I have purchased a Lenovo All-in-one PC (8GB speed!!) It's now up and running.