21,845 downloads from The Internet Archive

Yup, ... did a count of total downloads of my albums at the Internet Archive -


Cool, huh? And that actually does NOT count the various albums with uploads to Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare, etc.

Yeah, I needed a little ego boost. I need some inspiration for my next musical project which has come to a complete halt due to work, holiday stuff, etc. Maybe I'll have a bit more time in the next few weeks once the holidays have passed.



By the way, ... thanX to all you knutz who actually downloaded my tunes. Much appreciated. Really.


New Demo Songs up

It's been a looonnng time, ...

Yeah, I finally have some new tunes posted. I actually had them done a few weeks back, but haven't gotten around to posting them anywhere. So I finally uploaded them to my "basic" Soundclick page for your listening displeasure.

They're also in the Soundclick player located right on this page - you should see it if you scroll down a bit.

These are NOT what I would call completed songs, though. I just plugged in the geetar, spontaneously came up with a riff, recorded it, next riff, recorded it, etc. Not exactly "improvised", but not well thought out either or "composed" in the traditional sense. They all have a bunch of different tunings - the first is in Open C with a D, a few in Drop-D, a few in E Standard, etc. Just whatever I felt like at the time. And some have real bass, too.

Well, just listen, and let me know what you think.