Gone, gone, gone, ...

Well, I realized that I recently deleted a Word file that had a boatload of potential Blog topics - dang, now I gotta start over and organize my thoughts, ...

Wait, maybe if I list 'em here, I'll at least have away to remember them and try again, ...

Blog Topics:

Ihsahn - the genius of (the)Emperor

Black Sabbath - My 1st Encounter

Latest Downloads - my EGO Boost of the week

The further (mis)adventures of Poseidon’s War

Bedroom black metal - Xasthur, Leviathan, and more

Darkthrone - gone indie-punk?

Xasthur - gone Darkwave?

The future of Dimaension X and Daevel

Comic Books and Heavy Metal - geekwars

Other Bedroom musicians: Bulb, Toxic Grind Machine, Jacker, Bloodline

Death To Music - and other Netlabels giving it away for FREE

Tattoos - why they freak me out,...

Well, that oughta' keep me busy for a while. I'm just not into creating any new music right now. I need a break to let my brain-dust settle. To make music, I really have to feel like making music, so I'm not gonna work on anything new until I really get the urge.

Until then, I'm going to do to some "creative blogging", ...

Read 'em and weep.


Mucho Downloads of My Albums!!

As of today, February 16th,2008, here is the latest tally of downloads of Dimaension X albums from the Internet Archive. This does not count any of the other blogs, websites, file-hosting pages etc., that my stuff may be posted at.

Bryson's Universe - 1,773 downloads
Aetherial Art of Decay - 1,266 downloads
Leprosia Doom - 1,236 downloads
I Am Become Daevel - 689 downloads
Dimaensia Nexus - 498 downloads
End of an Era - 461 downloads
Loco-motives - 244 downloads
Deus Fetor, Pt.2 - 87 downloads

My sincere and grateful thanX go out to all of you that have downloaded and listened to my music. Evidently you suffer from some form of brain damage. Please seek professional help.


Wikipedia turned me down!!!

- Bastards! Just who do they think they are? Self-important snobs! (... you realize I'm kidding, right? I'm a big fan of Wikipedia and use it all the time ...) Then again, why do I need to be there? Here’s a cut-and-paste copy from the Wikipedia submission (and subsequent refusal) form:

Dimaension X (located in central Massachusetts), formed in 1991 by multi-instrumentalist Dave Lanciani, is an instrumental band that fuses elements of heavy metal, space rock, and jazz-rock fusion. In Dimaension X, Lanciani (currently) records and plays all instruments entirely on his own. Additionally, Lanciani has collaborated with several bands via the internet, and is currently collaborating on a multi-media CD project with a comic illustrator. He has been playing guitar longer than any other instrument, and is completely self-taught in all other instruments (bass, keyboards, and drums). He cannot read or write formal music notation, but does use some simple music theory, such as modal improvisation, chord structures and progressions from major/minor keys.

Music Style
Dimaension X's music combines electronic elements, such as arpeggiated synthesizers and ambient pads, with extreme heavy metal elements, such as blast-beats, double-bass drums, and heavily distorted tremolo picked guitar riffs, and jazz-rock fusion elements such as extended guitar or keyboard solos, drum solos, ostinato bass lines, and improvisation. Most recently, Lanciani has begun to incorporate string and brass sections from classical music, along with timpani drums and other orchestral percussion.

Word/Phrase Composition Technique
Lanciani is also known to have created his own method of music composition, using techniques similar to serialism or the twelve-tone technique. Known as "Word/Phrase Composition", notes or chord progressions are "randomly" created from words and phrases. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a musical note, octave root, or rest/space/sustain. The notes are used as a "starting point", and are not necessarily the final choices for chord progressions or basslines/riffs.
The following chart outlines the basic alphabetic letter/note relationship:
A B C D E F G A - A B C D E F G A - A B C D E F G A
(the 2nd A would be the higher octave root note, the dash " - " would be no note, therefore a rest or sustain of the former note)
The name "Lanciani" would create the following note choices:
C A E C - A E -
Therefore, a chord progression of C, Am7, Em, C may be used in a song, or perhaps the notes C,A,E,C, (rest), A, E (rest) would be used as a bassline for a solo section. The actual use is entirely up to the composer, along with the music style. The notes/chords are merely meant to be used as a "jump-start" to get the creative "juices" flowing. The rest is up to the individuality of the composer.

All currently CD-R's
Cyberthief Returns (2003)
Jam Session 11-20-05(2005)
Leprosia Doom (2006)
Bryson's Universe (2006)
Leprosia Falls (working title, unreleased)

Leprosia Doom, Intro reached # 14 in the Goth Metal Charts at Soundclick.com ( 1,832 songs currently listed in Metal > Goth Metal)
Fusionopolis reached # 18 in the Jazz-fusion Charts at Soundclick.com ( 4,419 songs currently listed in Jazz > Jazz Fusion)
Lost in the Cosmos reached # 62 in the Progressive Rock Charts at soundclick.com ( 11,360 songs currently listed in Rock > Progressive Rock)
Moonlight Sonata reached # 90 in the Instrumental Rock Charts at Soundclick.com ( 17,327 songs currently listed in Rock > Instrumental Rock)
Noyade De La Sorciere reached # 131 in the Cover Songs Charts at Soundclick.com ( 4,648 songs currently listed in Rock > Cover Songs)

Current members
Dave Lanciani – All Instruments

External links
Official Soundclick.com Site[4]
Official Myspace Site [5]
Music available at the Archive.org [6]
Reviews by Matt Howarth (soniccuriosity.com)[7]

[edit] Sources
A review by Matt Howarth at http://www.soniccuriosity.com/sc287.htm
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A list of the reviews at Soundclick.com http://www.soundclick.com/bands/reviews.cfm?bandid=494863 20:34, 15 May 2007 (UTC)
Declined. This suggestion doesn't sufficiently explain the importance or significance of the subject. See the speedy deletion criteria A7 and/or guidelines on musical artists. Please provide more information on why this musical artist is worthy of inclusion in an encyclopedia. Thank you. --Draicone (talk) 22:39, 3 July 2007 (UTC)

And that's it. "Declined." Cold, huh? Okay, so apparently I haven't explained the importance of my existence to the webmasters of WIKIPEDIA, ... Should I fade to black, quietly relinquish my soul and escape this mortal coil due to my sheer embarrashment, ... nah, who gives a fork?

Whatever, dudes,... hey, they love me in Portugal and Romania! Just "Google" either "Dimaension X" or any of my album titles in Google's Blog Search and you'll see!!