1st iZ LaZt fully up and ready

I finally got everything straightened out at The Internet Archive. The album is now fully uploaded in multiple formats as single files, and as a whole zip folder download in two formats (VBR 192kb and lo-fi 64kb).

1st iZ LaZt

The more I listen to my own album, the more happy I am with it. Granted that there is only one "guitar solo" on this album, but I think the album works overall as a cohesive symphonic rock ensemble recording. It's mellow in parts, but not too sappy or new-agey - at least I don't think so. There's plenty of heavy rhythm guitars "chunking" away, along with mucho double-bass drums, so it should be "metal" enough.


I also like my "cover tunes". Hopefully I won't get into any trouble. I'm not selling them or making any profit. I want to pay tribute to these artists for their various contributions to music.

Hey, while I'm here, let's get an update/ego boost of my album downloads at the Internet Archive, shall we. I need an encouraging pat on the back.

Bryson's Universe - 3,588
Aetherial Art of Decay - 2,937
Leprosia Doom - 1,592
I Am Become Daevel - 1,382
Improvisations for the Ancient Ones - 771
End of an Era - 669
Ugotllathath - 530
Loco-motives - 370
Deus Fetor, Pt 2 - 356
Cyberthief Strikes Again - 73
1st iZ LaZt - The Daevellation Suite - 63

Wait, does that mean that my albums have been downloaded a total of 12,331 times?  Dang! Now imagine if I actually posted these at CD Baby and charged for 'em?  Nah, then nobody would buy 'em.  I'm glad to let'cha'll have 'em for freebie.  I greatly appreciate anyone who actually puts forth the effort needed to wade through my catalog of atonal crapola.

That's all for now. As I said before, I may be taking a little break from creating any new music for a while. I might actually use this blog like a blog, i.e., do some music reviews, and give some shout-outs to other artists/bloggers whom I admire and enjoy.

That's all for now. ThanX.


1st iZ LaZt - Available NOW!!

Yes, kiddies, the full album is finally uploaded and available for all.

I did do a bit of adjusting to the finale of the album - the guitar solo was just a bit too loud, so I dropped it down in the mix a bit, to give the bass and drums their proper due respect, and I think the songs sounds way better.

Here's a direct link to the album:

1st iZ LaZt

or here is a Mediafire mirror link

You can also visit my discography and find it there, along with the rest of my albums.

I think I'll be taking a break from music for little while. I need some new inspiration, and need to recharge the batteries a bit. Oh, in the next few weeks, the Ripple Effect is supposed to do a short interview with me (that reminds me, I gotta contact them with some more details).

Check out their music review blog!

Please download the album, burn it, rip it, re-post it at your blogs, review it, etc.

ThanX for your time and support!
Dimaension X


New Album Posted! ... Almost.

The new album is almost posted. Almost. I just completed uploading the files to The Internet Archive, so it usually takes them a few days to straighten out the files, and format them into their proper formats, setup the Flash Player, etc.

So, ... I will post the link here, but just remember, the page may look a little funny, and may not be ready to play the songs or download them properly, but you can take a look and bookmark it. if you wish.

I am adding it to my discography, too, along with the front cover pic, and a short description of the album, which is not easy, since this one is hard do describe in a short space.

You can also listen to the songs in the player at the lower right of the page - note that the Internet Archive has lost the ability to show which song is playing, so you can visit the actual page and stream it there, too.

Here's a link to the album.

I'll try to post again once the Archive is completed it's formatting, etc.



New Album almost done!

Yup, I am close to completing the latest album - seven songs are mixed and mastered, one and a half originals, and a cover tune to go.

All will be uploaded and posted soon. This album has almost NO actual guitar solos, though. It is much more of a symphonic-rock ensemble recording, focusing more on mood and atmosphere, and sound in general, rather than being a "metal" album.

There are plenty of thick and crunchy rhythm guitars and fast double bass drums, and even live bass guitar on every song this time, which I was very insistent on having. But I wanted this to be a true "symphonic ensemble" project, thematic in nature, perhaps even soundtrack-ish - a movie for your ears. It may need that extra amount of time and attention to really listen to this one. Yes, Metalheads, I am asking for patience as you digest this one.

But please, turn it up loud. Even though it has its mellow moments, it has plenty of heavy moments of epic proportion, if I do say so myself.

Then again, I am biased, but if I didn't like it, I wouldn't post it.

I will be recording the last songs this weekend, and hopefully mixing and mastering the rest very soon.

A major shout-out to the developers of Reaper. This is truly one great program that I highly recommend to all musical folks into home recording looking for an inexpensive alternative to ProTools, Logic, Cubase, etc.

Reaper - Audio Production Without Limits


A few new songs posted at last.fm

Well, a "fan" suggested that I upload a few of the new songs to a better location where they don't have to sign up for a membership to download them - so I figured I'd start a new post of the first couple songs at last.fm.

Well, at least the first five songs, ... and please note that they haven't been mastered to a better volume yet, ... they are basically just demoes so far, but they should at least give y'all an idea of what the general album will sound like.

Five more songs to go. Gimme some feedback if you can in the comments section, or at my Myspace page, or on the last.fm pages.

last.fm album page


New Review of "Ugotllathath"

A new review of my latest effort at:

Final Alert's Musical Explorations

I am very surprised at the positive response to this album, since it was really thrown together in a relatively short time, and is downright sloppy in spots. But that's the nature of experimental improvisation, and thankfully there are folks out there who can appreciate it.

More notes and thought later.

ThanX for the review (I am truly blushing...)