The INTERVIEW - almost ready!

Hey folks! The interview is almost ready for posting - I uploaded the files to The Internet Archive this morning, and the site is in the process of deriving the files into streamable and downloadable files. It's not quite ready, but here's the link so you can at least visit the page and bookmark it if you wish.

Interview at WCUW

It may take a day or so before the files are complete and ready for streaming. But it is there. The whole TWO Hours. Yup. Betcha didn't think I could actually chat for that long. Yah, sure youbetcha, when I get going on music, you can't shut me up.

So there you go.

Or, yeah, I AM going to delete my account from FACEBOOK. It just isn't worth the time and effort. I was originally only going to use it as a connection for MUSIC Networking, but it has turned into a gigantic waste of valuable time. If I need to talk to my friends and relatives, I know how to pick up a phone and dial the number. And I never wanted to contact a bunch of people I went to High School with that I was never close to back then, so why would I want to contact them now? I know it's all done with good intentions, but if I wanted to go to the High School Reunions, then I'd go. But I do NOT want to go to my High School Reunions.

I know that sounds incredibly hostile and misanthropic - that's not my intention. But the whole Facebook thing is just not something I want to continue doing. I will keep the account open until the Interview link is posted, but I WILL close it sometime this week.


WCUW - Feb 24th 8:00 PM

Just reminding everyone that I am still scheduled to appear on the "Under the Influence" show, hosted by Valerie Sampson - February 24th 8:00 Pm.

Click HERE, then click on the "Listen Live" link to get the pop-up player (it's a Live 365 player).

We'll be talking about my various influences, playing some of their tunes, playing some of my tunes, just chatting music in general which is always a cool thing to do in a public forum. I'll try to be polite, and not be too "snobbish" about my music tastes, but let's face it - any questions regarding Hannah Montana or American Idol will not go down well.

This is going to be a lot of fun for me, and hopefully for anyone who's a "fan" of my music.

ThanX again to everyone (oh, yeah, I'm still umenployed and actively job-seeking - please contact me with any leads in the Printing Industry in Central Massachusetts).


Laid Off - and more recovery

Yup, As of Monday, February9th, I am officially unemployed. After almost eleven years at my job I was let go due to cutbacks and financial troubles for the company. Not happy, but then again, I have to look at this as an opportunity to seek out something new and different. I don't think there's any way of pursuing music as a full-time career, but if anyone has any legitimate ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

Anyone with ideas or leads in the Central Massachusetts area, please contact me. I've been acting as a Customer Service Representative for a printing company (mainly in the pre-press department), but I was also a pre-press technician for ten years (using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Esko Backstage, Quark Xpress, etc.).

Oh, surgery recovery is going fine - my hand is still pretty weak, but should be back to normal in a few months. I am going to start playing guitar VERY CAREFULLY and slowly as part of my own physical therapy. Just fretting notes and doing scales for a few minutes a day to get the wrist strength and callouses back. I may not be doing any actual recording for a while, but I'll let you know when. I promise.

Thanks again all my friends and family for your support and help.

I'll get a new picture of my wrist up soon.


Recovery !!

What an ordeal! I thought I was only going to be in the doctor's office for a half hour.


It was like a full surgery prep, two IV's (valium and novacaine), etc. Then my blood pressure was too low, so they wouldn't release me afterward. Finally I get out, I get kind of sick on the Vicodin (never, ever take that stuff!!), and I have to keep my hand iced and elevated
for two days. My fingers are still numb.

I can take the bandage off tomorrow and wash it, but then I have to begin wearing the wrist brace on a more permanent basis for two weeks.

The pain is not bad, more itchy, and feels like someone "tugging" on my wrist nerves.

I took a picture from my webcam on my laptop, so pardon the lo-res detail.

Thanks to all of you who've wished me well. I really appreciate it. I really can't wait to play my new guitar which is now collecting dust. I also am having trouble typing with just one hand. ThanX for your patience.