Uuhhhh, … Next Please?

Wow - it's 2015, and I still haven't completed any of my proposed projects I've been working on.  I've got the new computer finally set up and ready to go, but still really haven't dug in and committed to any real new music projects.

I've begun a bunch of things:
  - some spacey synth tracks
  - some "doomy, riffy" sounding tracks
  - some other stuff …

Yeah, not helpful, huh?

One of my project ideas is to do a concept album based on the ten curses of Egypt. I have some ideas, but I'm not sure musically how to proceed?  Will it be "drone-doom" or "black metal"? Or Black-Drone?

I still have one album "in the can", but I'm still not sure about releasing it.  It just doesn't quite sound right yet. Can't quite let it go.  It's similar to my Darkthrone "tribute", but instead of doing symphonic or classical-sounding music, I want to make it sound like Tangerine Dream or Porcupine Tree jamming with Darkthrone. Yeah, that's pretty weird. Still working out the kinks.

I also did a conceptual album based on the various chapters of Dante's "Inferno".  All synth, no guitars. Kinda the same deal.  It just doesn't quite feel complete.

Been listening to a lot of Black Sabbath lately. All of the various phases - the Ozzy years, the Dio Years, Ian Gillan, and even the Tony Martin years.  I like it all.  Tony Iommi rocks all of it.  Maybe I can throw in some kind of Sabbath medley somewhere?

I've also still fiddling with various tunings.  Or do I stick to E Standard?  That's a challenge - making E Standard sound HEAVY.  Then again, listen to Opeth, Marduk, Dillinger Escape Plan, the first two Sabbath albums, … all pretty heavy.

I do like my Yamaha THR-10 amp so far.  Records very well, easy to use, sounds great for both guitar and bass. Highly recommended. So yeah, I'm using that a lot.

Well, I'm running out of breath here, so I'll stop talking, and get musical. Maybe.