New album - The GWEN Towers

Yep, I finished a new album, comprised mostly of improvised-on-the-spot tunage.

The title track is created using the same technique I did for my Improvisario album, along with a bunch of the unused notes that were leftover.  I recorded about 7 short snippets of songs (about 20-30 seconds long), and spliced them together.

The rest are just a bunch of songs that were done as free-improvs that were then "sketched out" a bit, overdubs added, and that's it.  I wanted a very free-form, experimental feel for the music here.  Just sit down, and record whatever comes out, whether it's all just guitar, synths, drums, etc.

I also mostly used the Big Mono Analogue drumkit samples ( they're free! - http://www.analoguedrums.com/details-bm.php ).  It's a pretty versatile drumkit sample set, especially when you put the multi-sampling to work.  Reaper (my main Digital Audio Workstation) now has a clever method of loading multi-level samples to get much more realistic sounds.

I think my music is continually flowing in this direction - I like free-form improvisation, and then trying to make it into an actual composition.  It doesn't always work, but it seems to be how I play.  I'm still listening to the usual rock and metal, but I also appreciate free improvisers who incorporate more traditional compositional methods into their music, a la Mary Halvorsen, Nels Cline, Joe Morris & Marc Ribot.


Here's the song titles:

1.  The GWEN Towers
2.  Synthro
3.  Don’t You Hear the Drums?
4.  Tower of Blue
5.  TGT-13
6.  Shortly, Simply
7.  A Sense of When, Pt 1
8.  A Sense of When, Pt 2
9.  A Sense of When, Pt 3
10. A Sense of When, Pt 4
11. A Sense of When, Pt 5

I'll be adding it to my Discography page soon. That's all for now.