New Material in the worX ??

Yup, new project in the process of being developed (hopefully)

notes for my new album - working title - "skwoze"

the sound - somewhere between Greg Ginn, Sonny Sharrock / Last Exit, Ruins, Tangerine Dream, and Frank Zappa

i.e., a return to "classic" Dimaension X - less metal, more jazz-space-rock-fusion-improv

I am not completely abandoning all ties to metal, just backing off a bit and wanting to play more guitar solos and improvisation - sort of like on "Bryson's Universe" - which is like wall-to-wall guitar solos with some synths and sequencers in between, ...

I am just starting this, so it may evolve and change into something else entirely as time goes on, or may just fade away like so many other projects

Hey, here's a shout out to a local band, Before the Fall, with a co-worker of mine on bass named Matt Fruit. I believe they are actually playing at Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA on June 27, 2008, as a release party for their new CD, called "In The Garden". These guys play a sort of old-school hardcore/crossover/metal style that reminds me of Black Flag and early Rollins Band. Please check 'em out. They also have a Myspace page.

That's it for now - stay tuned for more news.

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