Decibel Magazine demo review!

Hey! Decibel Magazine's November 2008 edition has a short feature/review on my "Ugotllathath" album in their demo review section called, "Throw Me a Frickin" Bone." Reviewer Cosmo Lee apparently actually doesn't hate my album. Cool.

Here's the quote (yeah, I am copying it verbatim - it's about me, so doesn't that make it okay to copy??).

Dimaension X "Ugotllathath"
The artist's self-description: "minimal heavy metal drone with maximum extreme drumming - imagine Flo Mournier jamming with Sunn O)))." With song titles from a random Lovecraftian name generator, this screams "worst thing ever." It's not. It's pretty rad - space-y, synthy, super-energetic. Imagine Hella, but heavier and less annoying.

Pretty cool, huh? I can't wipe the grin off my face. NO, really, I am glad that someone out there in the actual metal world seems to appreciate something I've done.

Many thanX to Cosmo Lee for actually putting in the time to listen.

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Dimaension X said...

Here is a direct download of the page as a PDF - Acrobat Document:


Pretty cool!!