A new member of the family

My new baby...

A Schecter Omen 6 - Black Finish.
24 Frets. Stock Schecter Pickups.

This is the first 6-string guitar I have bought since 1988. It was time. My Yamaha is still in great condition, but I decided it was time for more of a "shredder" guitar, wide flat neck, big frets, high output pickups. This is a solid, well-constructed guitar that is made for heavy sounds. I have yet to do any recording or real playing with it yet, but I plan on running it through the full studio setup this week.

I tried about three other guitars before settling on this one. An ESP LTD EC100QM, which is similar to a Les Paul, but was just muddy-sounding, and I hated the neck. Felt like a baseball bat. Would not stay in tune at all, especially in Drop-D. Then I tried two other Schecter Omen 6 guitars. A Natural, dark red stain version, with major fret-buzz on the high E string, and a White version, that just didn't do it for me. Then I looked around and saw a Schecter Damien 6, which would have cost another $100, and then spotted a Black Omen 6, way back behind a bunch of cheap Jacksons. Plugged in, tried a bunch of tones through a Line 6 Spider amp. Yup. That was it. That's what came home with me.

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