The Job Search

I know that I usually focus on my music hobby in this blog, but at this time I figured I might do a bit of self-promotion in the job market.

I was most recently employed for almost eleven years at 360 Imaging / Garlock Printing in Gardner, MA (USA) as a Customer Service Rep. and Graphics Coordinator. I also spent my first years there as a Pre-press Technician.

Here's some fo the things I did there:
- Co-created and directed “Form, Fill and Seal” Polybag Template program
- Cost estimation and project planning/management
- Quality control and customer service interaction
- General maintenance of Dolev 800 Scitex Imagesetting Equipment
- Maintenance/Inventory Control of Imagesetting Processor
- Trained new employees

Proficient in numerous forms of media and office software including:
- Microsoft Word/Works
- Microsoft Excel
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Acrobat
- Esko Backstage Pilot
- Bar Code Pro
- Freehand

On February 9 of 2009, I was informed by the HR Manager that due to cutbacks (also refered to as "R.I.F." - Reduction In Force) I would be laid off. She then escorted me back to my desk and then out the door. I don't view this as a very bad thing. Sure I lose a weekly paycheck and benefits, but I have to opportunity to explore some new venues. Maybe get lucky and find something bigger and better? It's possible. Even in this economy.