I quit the band ...

Yup, as of August 13, I have quit the band, Deadside Manor. The last two years were a lot of fun, and I think we did a lot even thought we only managed to play two gigs (we did record a bunch of our songs, and actually recorded a 3-song demo for another band), but I think we also ran out of steam.

It was a very amicable parting (since the bassist Clint and drummer Jamie are literally my neighbors and friends), and we're all leaving the door open for the future. I think I just hit a wall and am a bit burned out and need a break. This past year I lost one job (which was pretty horrible anyway), got my old job back (which I left at the end of 2011 to go to the newer crappy job and has been very busy), my son moved out on his own closer to where he works ( I really do miss him!), and so on. Music is just not a priority right now, nor do I feel the need to play any music right now.

So it's break time. I'll still be in contact with various musicians and friends, and we'll see how things go. Most likely I'll find that I'm going crazy NOT doing music and will get back to it sooner than later, but I really can't predict when. Nor do I even need to right now.

Thanks again to the guys from Deadside Manor. Good luck to your future endeavors (Clint is currently the bassist for Mucklers Circle, who play out a lot, and may have some big breaks coming their way soon). Danny is probably going to do some singing with some guys closer to his hometown and Jamie should keep drumming. Keep practicing those D-Beats!! Not to mention I'd love to hear if our first drummer James is back playing with some other bands again.

I'll post things here or there. Maybe I'll do some music reviews on some of my favorite musicians, and this blog will turn into an actual music blog. We'll see what happens. Stay tuned. I'll be around.

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