Late 2012 Ego Boost!!

32,705 downloads.  Did I do the math correctly?  I just went to my Dimaension X music links at the Internet Archive and added up my total downloads and got a total of 32,705.

32,705. Wow.  Really. Thank you all.  Sincerely.

Yes, I am merely massaging my fragile ego, but it's nice to know that there are some folks out there still interested in listening to my music.  And this is WITHOUT any of the "old-school Myspace spamming" that we all used to do to each other. (Remember those days?  Leaving "comments" on as many pages as possible stating that you've "got some new music posted! Thanks for listening!")

I also didn't count any of my comic book releases (or my side-projects, Burn Without Me and Moroghor) - not so many of those being downloaded, but eh, that's okay.  I personally never thought my comics were that good anyway.

And I still think that people download my music because it's free.  If they had to pay for it, it would be a different story.  I create my music for me and no one else, and if anyone else likes it, it's just a very nice "pat on my back."  But it is still a very nice pat on the back.  Yeah, the flaky, insecure artist in me does acknowledge the need for a bit of attention here and there.  Like we all do.

So nearing the end of another year, I managed to get a few albums out (some old material, some new), and will hopefully be working on some new stuff for 2013.

Oh, BTW, some old friends of mine just put a new band together, called Joe Sixpack.  Three former members of Second Class Citizen and one new guy (who I don't know).  More info on them and where-and-when they're playing soon.

And don't forget to check out former Deadside Manor bassist Clint Mitchell's current band, Muckler's Circle.  They're playing at Tammany Hall on Dec 9th.  Here's their FACEBOOK and REVERBnation links.

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