What's Nex' for Dimaension X?

It's high time I got my stuff together and started recording THE Progressive Rock album of the Century.

A lofty goal, you say?  Well, I've got to set the bar high and force myself to buckle down and work on some new music.  I've been fiddling with cover tunes and tributes, bought some new pedals, and recently even purchased a new guitar (an Agile AL-3010SE Tribal Green - google that and you'll see what they look like).

Now it's time shut up n' play guitar.  N' keyboards.  N' bass n' drums.

I've been listening to just about everything I can get my hands on - jazz, blues, prog, metal, ambient, and am trying to fit it all into my own musical genre.  I have too many ideas, and very little actual material prepared, so it's going to be a challenge.  What I really need is time, and that's coming soon.

For now, though, here is a cover medley I recorded this past weekend to put the new guitar to the test.  No other guitars used, it's all the Agile AL-3010SE.  I also tried to avoid any hi-gain settings for my amp sims.  Since the tunes I mashed together for a short medley are all classic rock songs, I tried to stick to lower-gain tones.  I used my Line 6 POD XTLive on the Marshall '67 Plexi, with the MXR "Red" compressor pedal sim in front, but that's really about all.

Sticking to one basic setting really shows the versatility of tone that the Alnico V pickups are capable of.  I'm not planning on modding this guitar at all.  This guitar is really a great knock-off of a classic Les Paul, and the stock pickups capture a "vintage" feel, not at all harsh or high-gain metal output, though I'm sure I could (and will) use this for some metallized tunez.

So for now, here's my classic rock medley ...

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