New Album on the Way - Maybe ...

Been working on and off on a new album since last year some time, and I'm almost at the point where it's ready to be released.  Maybe.

It's sort of another "tribute" album to the most kvlt of all the kvltiest of trvv kvlt bands ever.  Sort of.  But different.  Instead of going classical / symphonic, this time I'm going electronic space rock.  Lot's of bubbly phase-y sustained synths with very simple rhythm guitar parts, and no guitar solos.  It's mainly a synth oriented album, with guitars playing a minor accompanying role (i.e., just to "rock up" the synthy bits). And of course, all instrumental.  It will probably sound more like Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind jamming with Zombi.  Very repetitive and hypnotic.

You probably won't even recognize the songs at all.  That's the point.  Maybe there's one where the riffs are played almost exactly as on the original album, but in a whole different context.

I just have to give the album a few good listens, maybe do some re-mixing here and there, maybe add a few more guitar parts, and then I'll release it as usual.

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