Brain Tree Split - the new album for 2016

Here it is y'all. Sorry I said "Y'all".  Been watching too many episodes on TV of that couple in Texas who revitalize old homes.

Anywhoo, ... here's the new album.

Brain Tree Split.

It's very synth oriented.  I've backed the guitars off a bit, and let the synths take over to create some expansive, spacey atmospheres and even some melodies here and there.  But fear not, there are plenty of crunchy rhythm guitars, riffing, a few solos, and some weird effects.

It's at the usual place - the Internet Archive - click HERE to get to the page so you can stream/preview it.

Or click HERE to directly download a ZIP file with the MP3s and the Art files.

You may be wondering about the title.  If you're from New England, you know what it refers to, but to those of you outside the New England area, Braintree is a town in Massachusetts near Boston, and the Braintree Split is "the interchange of Interstate 93/U.S. Route 1 and Massachusetts Route 3 located along the city line separating Braintree and Quincy, Massachusetts." (from Wikipedia)

I just thought it sounded cool.  Brain. Tree. Split.

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