Dark Spaces - new album for 2016!

Here is the new album for 2016 (that's two so far this year - I'm crankin' em out!)

Dark Spaces is the title.  Once again, I'm diving into the synth-rock world occupied by bands like Zombi, Goblin, Celldweller, and other similar bands.  Lots of  percolating sequences, sweeping atmospheres, rock guitars and heavy drums.

1 Galaxy Rotation Curves
2 Velocity Dispersions of Galaxies
3 Galaxy Clusters 
4 Cosmic Microwave
5 Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
6 Redshift-Space Distortions
7 Type 1A Supernova
8 Lyman-Alpha Forest
9 Structure Formation

The synths are a bit more melodic this time, though they are mostly improvised and tracked as a first or second take, and the guitars are doubling the synth melodies, or harmonizing with them.

You can go to the download page at the Internet Archive to listen and or download the album by clicking HERE.  You can also download it directly from THIS LINK.

BTW, here's the actual link to the Internet Archive page:

I also did the art for the CD covers at home on my own simple computer setup - NO Illustrator or Photoshop used.  I only used open-source software (Paint.net and Inkscape), just to stick it to Adobe and their new Creative Cloud Suite.  You don't need to fork over the big bucks to make decent art files, folks.

I really love working with the synths and guitars together.  Synths don't just have to be used in wimpy pop songs.  You can make them rock if you use them right.  I'm not even sure what the next album will be.  More synths, or will I go back to putting the guitars up front and make another metal album?

I actually have a few more "metal" songs on my computer somewhere that I recorded just before I did my "Plagues of Aegyptus" album last year, and I never got around to completing them.  Maybe I'll get them mixed and mastered, and then upload them.