Oakwind Hollow

Dimaension X delves into the world of Prog Rock. After listening to lots of Yes, King Crimson and Steven Wilson, it was time to give in and try something a bit more "proggy". Less emphasis on Berlin-School electronics and more on band interplay and rocking it up a bit. There's still plenty of Moog Synth, but now some Mellotron and B3 organ, too, along with the usual guitars, bass and drums.

 Dimaension X - Oakwind Hollow

01 - Scions of Aurglko
02 - Swords and Secrets in Betua
03 - Oakwind Hollow, pt 1
04 - The Blood Queen
05 - The Exiled King
06 - Oakwind Hollow, pt 2 (What Comes After …)
07 - The Sign of the Gilded Serpent
08 - The Tower of Osaugghi
09 - The Summoning Chamber
10 - Oakwind Hollow, pt3 (The Ruins of Akharon)
11 - The Temple of Icetooth

Music composed and performed by Dimaension X.
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Studios.

Recorded with a bunch of different equipment, guitars, amps, effects, pedals, etc.

Recorded with Reaper, as usual.

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I will be working of uploading some files to YouTube for live streaming soon!

ThanX for listening!

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