Abjuration of the Black Goddess Suite

Finally completed a project that I started last year around September.

Abjuration of the Black Goddess Suite.

This is a long, conceptual piece of music.  Originally my guitar was tuned to Open C, then eventually morphed into Drop-C.  And I think I did a few parts in Drop-D, but transposed the audio tracks down a whole step.  Bass guitar is either Cakewalk Studio Instruments VSTi Bass, 4Front VSTi Bass, or regular electric guitar transposed down an Octave. 
The Ambient, atmospheric synth sounds are all guitar.  No Synths used.  In fact, this part is just my piece I just posted on YouTube entitled "Dark Drone 1" chopped up into pieces and distributed between the metal bits.

Then I added the spoken word bits after this.  The words are from a section of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

An MP3 file is now downloadable ... go HERE to stream or choose your download options, or glick HERE to download a ZIP file directly.

This may be my last "metal" piece for a while.  I'm beginning to find metal a bit "limited" in scope, so I'll be exploring some more alternate genres of rock and instrumental music, maybe some avant-garde improvisation, more of the "gentler" side of ambient guitar (Chords of Orion is a big influence in this area - makes really expansive, beautiful sounding ambient washes of sound, all generated by guitar), and who knows what else I'll try

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