Dimaex5004 - new album for August 2018!

Dimaex5004 by Dimaension X - the 3rd album release by Dimaension X for 2018.  
Yet another in the "5000" series, Dimaex5004 continues the percolating sequencers, heavy grooves, melodic guitars and synths. Yeah, more of the same. But more and more and more ... oh, I decided to change up the drums a bit, and use samples from an Alesis HR-16 instead of my usual EZ Drummer 2 setup.  Just to be different.

1.  Dracosirens
2.  Necroblade Solution
3.  Spectrum Templar
4.  Technosoul Seraphim
5.  The Ten Mistresses Of Assassination
6.  Shadowhand Arcade
7.  Radiant Demon
8.  Technodragon Witch
9.  The Ten Goddesses
10.  Silent Princess Incantation

Music composed and performed by Dimaension X
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Studios

Stream audio and download options available CLICK HERE

Download the whole album with album art CLICK HERE

Streaming at YouTube:

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