Other Bands named “Dimension” or “X”

Here's an odd thing that I've been thinking about ever since I chose the name, "Dimaension X": I am not the first, nor will I be the last musician to use the terms “Dimension” or “X” in their music project’s name. I’m sure there and more than you can fire a photon torpedo at. Let’s try list all of them that I can think of:

Dimaension X (me, of course)
Symphony X (you should know them if you are a metal fan!)
Project X (Derek Sherinian’s instrumental project with Tony Macalpine and Virgil Donati)
X-Japan (an odd prog-rock-metal band from Japan)
X (one of the early SoCal punk-new wave bands)
Dimension X (not me, a prog metal band like Dream Theater from Indiana)
Dimension (another prog-metal band like Dream Theater)
Dementia Absurda (a noise-drone project in Croatia)
X28 Project (a prog-rock music project from Pennsylvania)
Dimension X (not me again, but another Soundclick artist who plays mainly space-ambient music)
The 3rd Dimension (a band from Washington DC)
The 4th Dimension (apparently, John McLaughlin’s latest backup band?!)
Dimension Zero (an electro-goth band from Salt Lake City)
Dimension Zero (a melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden
Static-X (an industrial nu-metal band)
Band X (a cover band)
Lady Sunshine and the X Band (an R&B band from Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Racer X (Paul Gilbert’s annoying speed-metal band, talented, but annoying)
Generation X (a punk band, actually Billy Idol’s first band!)
Lazarus-X (an alternative-indie rock band from Houston)

Like I said, ... not the first, most likely not the last ...

Hey, if you know anymore, leave a comment in the comments section!!

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Dimaension X said...

I forgot X28 Project, whom I've collaborated with! - a One-man band from Pennsylvania.