Welcome to the Dimaension X Realm

Welcome to the Nexus - The odd outer-worldly realm of Dimaension X - musician, artist, weirdo-extraordinaire, etc.

Within you will find various information regarding the artist known as Dimaension X, who now also Am Become Daevel (more on that at a later date - hey, download the album and you may start to get the whole picture...)

You will also find links to his music, album covers, etc., and continuing information regarding the further developments of Dimaension X.

I will do more soon to update the blog format, info etc.

ThanX for visiting,
Dimaension X

Hey, lets start by listing my main website URL, which currently is my Myspace Page:
Dimaension X at Myspace

You can also visit my main storage of songs and music at:
Dimaension X at Soundclick

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