Mucho Downloads of My Albums!!

As of today, February 16th,2008, here is the latest tally of downloads of Dimaension X albums from the Internet Archive. This does not count any of the other blogs, websites, file-hosting pages etc., that my stuff may be posted at.

Bryson's Universe - 1,773 downloads
Aetherial Art of Decay - 1,266 downloads
Leprosia Doom - 1,236 downloads
I Am Become Daevel - 689 downloads
Dimaensia Nexus - 498 downloads
End of an Era - 461 downloads
Loco-motives - 244 downloads
Deus Fetor, Pt.2 - 87 downloads

My sincere and grateful thanX go out to all of you that have downloaded and listened to my music. Evidently you suffer from some form of brain damage. Please seek professional help.

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