Gone, gone, gone, ...

Well, I realized that I recently deleted a Word file that had a boatload of potential Blog topics - dang, now I gotta start over and organize my thoughts, ...

Wait, maybe if I list 'em here, I'll at least have away to remember them and try again, ...

Blog Topics:

Ihsahn - the genius of (the)Emperor

Black Sabbath - My 1st Encounter

Latest Downloads - my EGO Boost of the week

The further (mis)adventures of Poseidon’s War

Bedroom black metal - Xasthur, Leviathan, and more

Darkthrone - gone indie-punk?

Xasthur - gone Darkwave?

The future of Dimaension X and Daevel

Comic Books and Heavy Metal - geekwars

Other Bedroom musicians: Bulb, Toxic Grind Machine, Jacker, Bloodline

Death To Music - and other Netlabels giving it away for FREE

Tattoos - why they freak me out,...

Well, that oughta' keep me busy for a while. I'm just not into creating any new music right now. I need a break to let my brain-dust settle. To make music, I really have to feel like making music, so I'm not gonna work on anything new until I really get the urge.

Until then, I'm going to do to some "creative blogging", ...

Read 'em and weep.

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