Just checking in, ...

Howdy kids. No I have not "blogged" here in a while, ... been busy with work, family, life-in-general, and trying to figure out what my next music project will be. I really haven't a clue what to do next.

I have been listening to a boat-load of different music. Everything from the new Cryptopsy, to swedish black-metallers Craft, to Ihsahn's new one, to dISEMBOWELMENT (old-school death-doom from Australia), Satyricon, Septic Flesh, Woods of Ypres, The Disciples of Zoldon, Thulnar, etc., ...

Out of everything so far, I really like Craft. Yup, raw, old-school thrashy black metal. These guys just have great head-bangin' rhythms, with very raw, yet clear production. Not as "lo-fi" as I read they would sound. The production is actually very good, and fits the music perfectly. Sure it doesn't sound like an Andy Sneap or Fred Nordstrom mix, but it's not supposed to.

And I've learned about a few more artists like me who creat music for fun and post it for all to hear FOR FREE. I mentioned them above, and will provide you all with links to these artists.

The Disciples of Zoldon. This is a one man band of a guy named Luke Brimblecombe from New Zealand. He records and/or programs everything: Vocals, Guitars, Drum Programming. But the coolest thing about his music is that he's concocted a whole fictional theme and concept - that of Zoldon, the God of Heavy Metal. Cheesy, ... sure, but Immortal look like a bad Wrestling Tag-team, and I still love 'em to death. Go to Luke's website and read the whole thing. It really is a very cool concept and is perfect for creating heavy metal music.

Luke also has a Myspace page for Zoldon, and a last.fm page. Try going to the Encyclopedia Metallium and do a search for Zoldon. This page will also have links to his various pages.

now the next band, ...

Thulnar. Two Italian musicians by the names of Elric Blackcrow - vocals, trumpet (also of Mors Tua) and Al Walker - guitar, bass, drums, synth have provided us with an insanely great combination of the over-the-top epic symphonic metal of Rhapsody with the black darkness of Summoning. Their whole demo is available for free download at the link, along with high-resolution cover art. They also have a Myspace page and more music available through download.com. Also a page at the mighty Encyclopedia Metallium.

As I said above, fans of Rhapsody and Summoning will be able to pick out the references from Thulnar's music. Actually, I am reminded of an internet rumor I read that Rhapsody was going to record a black metal concept album called "Rhapsody in Black", and Thulnar's music is exactly what I would imagine that music would sound like.

Some great stuff here to check out. I also recommend all metal fans to check out a blog called Free Metal Albums. This is a blog that posts links to, well, Free Metal Albums. No, not illegal downloads, but links to music that the bands themselves have endorsed and have posted themselves. This is a large (and growing larger) source of free music for all of us metal-heads that like good stuff cheap.

Until I figure out what my own new music is going to sound like, I will continue checking out as many new artists as my sponge-of-a-brain will allow. There is so much out there just waiting to be sound. Just dig deep enough and you may be surprised at how good some of these artists are.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the writeup. The Disciples of Zoldon website is actually www.solvere.co.nz/doz

Dimaension X said...

The link does go to that URL, at least I'm pretty sure it does.