Old Album released at several links

I have now posted an old, unreleased album at Last.fm. and at a Mediafire link.
"Cyberthief 2" was recorded way back in 2003-2004, and only a few tracks from it were available. Now, anyone can download it from Last.fm.

here's the links:
Dimaension X at Last.fm
Cyberthief 2 at Mediafire

This old album is my first recorded with Cakewalk 2004, and actually sounds pretty good, now that I've given it another listen. It actually has a bunch of cover songs on it, or at least "parts" of songs that you should recognize. Please note that I did not request permission to use these songs or "snippets" or songs, but I did re-record all the parts myself - NO SAMPLING (hear that Puff Diddy??) I PLAYED everything myself. Myself!

Some of the songs are pretty good, others kind of not so great, but I was still trying to define my style (at as of today, still have yet to do so!).

Visit the page, download, repost if you like on your blogs, torture your landlord, whatever you want, ... just don't re-sell it, you little cyberthieves!!

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