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Hey, here's a progress report on the latest Dimaesnion X news, ... (like anyone actually cares...)

I decided to work on the last of the series of the four all-MIDI albums first (originally titled "MIDI Metal, The Final Chapter")- since it is actually very similar to "I Am Become Daevel" - much use of symphonics and classical themes. Though not many guitar solo spots within these particular songs, so we may have to rectify that. I have pretty much finished re-working the basic MIDI tracks and arrangements, subject to my whim and actual playing ability. And some parts I may just remove entirely.

Once I'm done with this particular album, I really don't know how I'm going to handle the other three. They have a lot more very fast fusiony keyboard work that I'll NEVER be able to actually play on guitar. I just have to figure out the best synth sounds that won't sound cheesy, and just avoid playing guitar parts that I can't play.

Actually, a good reference might be an album by Anders and Jens Johansson with Allan Holdworth called "Heavy Machinery". It's mainly lots of fast synths and drumwork, a sort or metallic jazz-fusion, where the only actual guitar playing is during Holdsworth's guitar solos. Otherwise, it's just synths and drums, but still some great music. I'll have to listen to that one again before working on my stuff, just to "borrow" some ideas and try to re-create some fo the synth sounds.

Oh, I revised some of my Myspace page. I am now streaming my "Bryson's Universe" album for your listening displeasure. If you like it, please feel free to download and distribute at will.

Any ideas, comments, questions, etc., are welcome. Use the comments section, or go to my Myspace page and leave a message. I'll try to work on my tunes this weekend in between all the other usual stuff.

... and another thing... supposedly, a music-blog page called The Ripple Effect is going to review one of my albums, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. They seem to have very similar tastes in music to yours truly, so it might be interesting.


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The RIpple Effect said...

Waverider X . . . there is no supposedly. I have, in fact, seen with my own two eyes a draft for one of your albums. Stay tuned . . . we'll keep you posted once it's up!

Pope JTE