Last iZ First - a few steps ahead

I've only taken a few "baby steps" ahead on my latest project. A minor snag has been hit with a few of the later songs - I've programmed a few parts that I simply cannot play on guitar. The earlier songs I began composing with actual guitar playing in mind, but the later ones I just let go and added a bunch of parts that are well beyond my ability. Maybe Steve Vai could play them, but I doubt he'd agree to it.

I am reminded of a scene at the end of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" where Bill insists they'd become famous rock stars if they could only get Eddie Van Halen to join their band, Wylde Stallionz. And Ted, with a touch of maturity showing through, replies, "Maybe we should learn how to play our instruments first?" Or something to that effect, anyway.

Well, I do know how to play guitar, just not quite as good as the notes I've programmed, so maybe I'll do one of two things, ...

1. Just let the synthesizer play the parts - don't even bother trying - if the synth parts sound okay, leave 'em. Just find a good "sound" for the synth that works with the part and leave it.

2. Maybe "halve the time" of the particular parts. Adjust them so that they are at a playable tempo, and adjust the notes so that you could actually reach them on the fretboard - that's most of the problem - I can't "reach" some of those notes.

Or just change those parts to a fast riff that you can play. The whole album was composed on keyboard without my guitar in hand. Maybe I should actually pick up the guitar and have it in my hands while I am re-adjusting these parts so I would know if I could actually play 'em.

Duh? Make sense? Maybe? Eh? Might actually be interesting to play some parts composed on guitar again - I haven't actually done this since the "End of an Era" album.

By the way, here's a link to a really talented guy who CAN play all his own guitar parts - a band called VORTECH. Another one-man band who puts most "pro" bands to shame with his unique combination of Melodic Death Metal and Industrial styles. He has FIVE albums available for FREE Download, along with cover art, tablature (!), lyrics, etc. - PLUS you can order a real copy of the CDs directly if you want to support the artist. You can also find him through the Metal Madness link.

Seriously, go the the link and check out his tunes. His style is somewhere between a more modern Morbid Angel, Zyklon, or even Gojira, with touches of Fear Factory (when they were good). Great heavy guitars, very well programmed drums, and some interesting synth textures that really punctuate and accent the music.

I leave you now, hoping that I might be able to solve my own musical dilemma.

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