1st iZ LaZt - Available NOW!!

Yes, kiddies, the full album is finally uploaded and available for all.

I did do a bit of adjusting to the finale of the album - the guitar solo was just a bit too loud, so I dropped it down in the mix a bit, to give the bass and drums their proper due respect, and I think the songs sounds way better.

Here's a direct link to the album:

1st iZ LaZt

or here is a Mediafire mirror link

You can also visit my discography and find it there, along with the rest of my albums.

I think I'll be taking a break from music for little while. I need some new inspiration, and need to recharge the batteries a bit. Oh, in the next few weeks, the Ripple Effect is supposed to do a short interview with me (that reminds me, I gotta contact them with some more details).

Check out their music review blog!

Please download the album, burn it, rip it, re-post it at your blogs, review it, etc.

ThanX for your time and support!
Dimaension X

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