New Album almost done!

Yup, I am close to completing the latest album - seven songs are mixed and mastered, one and a half originals, and a cover tune to go.

All will be uploaded and posted soon. This album has almost NO actual guitar solos, though. It is much more of a symphonic-rock ensemble recording, focusing more on mood and atmosphere, and sound in general, rather than being a "metal" album.

There are plenty of thick and crunchy rhythm guitars and fast double bass drums, and even live bass guitar on every song this time, which I was very insistent on having. But I wanted this to be a true "symphonic ensemble" project, thematic in nature, perhaps even soundtrack-ish - a movie for your ears. It may need that extra amount of time and attention to really listen to this one. Yes, Metalheads, I am asking for patience as you digest this one.

But please, turn it up loud. Even though it has its mellow moments, it has plenty of heavy moments of epic proportion, if I do say so myself.

Then again, I am biased, but if I didn't like it, I wouldn't post it.

I will be recording the last songs this weekend, and hopefully mixing and mastering the rest very soon.

A major shout-out to the developers of Reaper. This is truly one great program that I highly recommend to all musical folks into home recording looking for an inexpensive alternative to ProTools, Logic, Cubase, etc.

Reaper - Audio Production Without Limits

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