Doom 2 - The Soundtrack

My next project is underway - I have chosen to do my own versions of the Doom 2 Video game Soundtrack. Based on the original music and actual MIDI files by Mr. Bobby Prince, I have begun re-arranging the tunes a bit, re-assigning some of the instruments with more symphonic and orchestral sounds, using better drum samples (Toontrack EZ Drummer!), and adding my own real guitar and real bass (here and there).

The music will not be as "metal" as my most recent projects have been. I'd like to remain as close to the originals as possible, keeping the original flavor, but beefing them up a bit with the various guitar parts. Some of the songs that are basically just simple backing with be used as vehicles for some guitar solos, which I haven't really played in a while, so it's time to do some "woodshedding".

I am pretty much going to include all of the tracks ("maps") EXCEPT one or two, depending on how much room I have on a CD. I may leave off the original INTRO, and just use the short "Intermission" track as the new intro. It really depends on how much room on the CD, and how lazy I get towards the end.

My thanks go out to original composer Bobby Prince, Sonic Clang (who did the Classic Doom 3 music), and I know there are a few other guys who were involved in the initial game music development. This music is a tribute to your art and skills, which I greatly appreciate.

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Doom 2 soundtrack is kicking ass!