Ego Boost - 12-21-08

Okay, I've been a little bit down and depressed lately - can't play guitar with this stupid cyst, lost power for 5 days, holidays coming up (always get the holiday blues), so I need a boost. Yeah, I'm posting the latest numbers on downloads of my albums.

It's not like it actually means anything; it just makes me feel good that people like my music.

Here goes:

Bryson's Universe 4,222
Aetherial Art of Decay 3,541
Leprosia Doom 1,722
I Am Become Daevel 1,455
Dimaensia Nexus - Improvisations for the Ancients 816
Ugotllathath 733
End of an Era 727
1st iZ LaZt - The Daevellation Suite 588
Deus Fetor, Pt2 422
Loco-Motives 409
Cyberthief Strikes Again 126

Total: 14,761 downloads

Don't know why so few people have downloaded "Cyberthief". I actually like some of the tunes on that one. Some very weird covers. Very weird. And I think the production on it is actually pretty good, too. Oh well.

Well, the song titles are hyperlinks to get to the download pages, so go ahead and help yourselves.

I personally want to thank the 14,761 obviously mentally deranged people who have downloaded my albums. Please seek professional help. Really.

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