Recovery !!

What an ordeal! I thought I was only going to be in the doctor's office for a half hour.


It was like a full surgery prep, two IV's (valium and novacaine), etc. Then my blood pressure was too low, so they wouldn't release me afterward. Finally I get out, I get kind of sick on the Vicodin (never, ever take that stuff!!), and I have to keep my hand iced and elevated
for two days. My fingers are still numb.

I can take the bandage off tomorrow and wash it, but then I have to begin wearing the wrist brace on a more permanent basis for two weeks.

The pain is not bad, more itchy, and feels like someone "tugging" on my wrist nerves.

I took a picture from my webcam on my laptop, so pardon the lo-res detail.

Thanks to all of you who've wished me well. I really appreciate it. I really can't wait to play my new guitar which is now collecting dust. I also am having trouble typing with just one hand. ThanX for your patience.


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