I Can't Make a Fist with The Cyst on My Wrist

...by Dr. Seuss (his as-of-yet unpublished masterpiece)

Yup - finally got some pictures of the evil thing growing on my left wrist - my wife thinks it's a new thumb, my son looks at it and goes, "ICK!", and one of the guys at work wants to know when I'm selling my guitars.

This is why I'm not playing much guitar right now. When I bend my wrist at a 90 degree angle (necessary for 2nd Position Barre Chords) it hurts like heck.

Doctors don't even know where they come from, except from a possible injury on the joint which is where it is attached. And you can't just pop and drain it, because they just fill up again. So it HAS to be surgically removed. Fun.

Anyway, I felt like grossing out the lot of you who dare to look upon the beast that grows within.

Thanks to my Mom for taking the photos (she's the Ansell Adams of the family) - and thanks to Dad for giving her the digital camera for Christmas.


That Girl said...

oooh nice :|
i got one on my cheek. So I can sympathise.
Did you know the reason why it can't be drained is coz it's a ball of cells so will keep multipling ;) well thats what they told me anyway.

hope you can get it sorted soon.

Dimaension X said...

Yup, the fluid goes in, but doesn't flow back out, and the sac keeps getting bigger if you continue to aggrevate the area around it. Like I keep doing when I attempt playing my guitar.

Seeing the doctor soon to discuss the final surgery. Oh boy.

Elad said...

Labels: Ganglion Cyst. nice touch.

good luck with the removal. Be sure and put it on one of those jars with the fluid and carry it around. Or don't. I've always wanted to do that at least once.