The New Album - "Laws of Repulsion"

Here it is folks, the new album completed - "Laws of Repulsion"

The Song List:
1. Obviate, Question, Give
2. Cosmic Disorder
3 .Unholy Magick
4. Divine Forgetfullness
5. Quantum Irrationality
6. Negative Thinking
7. Extinguish
8. Elysian Failure
9. Irreligious Science
10. Obverse Purchase
11. Pathological Solipsism

This album is my return to my love of free-form jazz-rock-fusion and improvisation. My tribute to some of my old favorites - Sonny Sharrock, Bill Laswell, Last Exit, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Greg Ginn's Gone project, Joe Morris - and some new ones - Nels Cline, Marc Ducret, Marc Ribot, Gregg Bendian, and too many more to mention.

Basically, the music is in the form of a guitar/bass/drums power trio with some extra synthesizers sparsely added here and there to spice up the intros, outros, etc. But what you have as a result is a bunch of very freely improvised jams, mostly first takes, ... to borrow from a John Scofield album title - "loud jazz."

I'll also be posting this album at last.fm and most likely provide a Mediafire "mirror" link.

Please download, burn to CDs, play it loudly, tell your weird friends about it, re-post the link at your blogs, etc.


jazzme said...

http://anythinggoes-jazzme.blogspot.com/ please add my blog to your blog list , I have added you to mine , enjoyed the disc and will post sometime in the future thanks Steve

Chris Meaney said...

Drop me a line when the mediafire link is up yo. exphate@gmail.com

Cheers, final_alert