New Demo Songs up

It's been a looonnng time, ...

Yeah, I finally have some new tunes posted. I actually had them done a few weeks back, but haven't gotten around to posting them anywhere. So I finally uploaded them to my "basic" Soundclick page for your listening displeasure.

They're also in the Soundclick player located right on this page - you should see it if you scroll down a bit.

These are NOT what I would call completed songs, though. I just plugged in the geetar, spontaneously came up with a riff, recorded it, next riff, recorded it, etc. Not exactly "improvised", but not well thought out either or "composed" in the traditional sense. They all have a bunch of different tunings - the first is in Open C with a D, a few in Drop-D, a few in E Standard, etc. Just whatever I felt like at the time. And some have real bass, too.

Well, just listen, and let me know what you think.

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Xul shall investigate.