Captain Cook's Adventures in the Fruity Dimaension

If you think this blog's headline is too silly, then don't bother reading any further.

I've been collaborating with a former co-worker, named Matt Fruit who is a heckuva bassist on some new material. We're also planning on bringing aboard a vocalist, another former co-worker named Jason Cook who's a bit "loopy" like myself with an odd sense of humor and a love for nerdy sci-fi like Dr. Who.

Both of these guys were members of 2nd Class Citizen, a local band that recorded two pretty hefty demos and never quite got the attention they deserved. So maybe I can borrow their talents and turn them into something somewhat twisted and original.

The blog title was originated by (and somewhat modified by myself) another former co-worker who was the drummer in 2nd Class Citizen, named Mick Short. Hmmm. Am I putting a rhythm section together? Hmmmmmmmm? Recording drums would be a serious challenge, which I may not be up to quite yet. But perhaps ... ?

Mick's original title for the project ("Fruity Cooked Dimaension") inspired me and my somewhat twisted sense of humor to further extend the title, which brings to mind Devin Townsend's own "Ziltoid the Omniscient" project, which inspired me to write a short "screenplay" introducing Captain Cook, a sort of Zapp Brannigan-ish character seeking adventure after he's already defeated all of his enemies.

Who knows where this is going. It may flop completely. Most likely it will suck.

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