21,845 downloads from The Internet Archive

Yup, ... did a count of total downloads of my albums at the Internet Archive -


Cool, huh? And that actually does NOT count the various albums with uploads to Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare, etc.

Yeah, I needed a little ego boost. I need some inspiration for my next musical project which has come to a complete halt due to work, holiday stuff, etc. Maybe I'll have a bit more time in the next few weeks once the holidays have passed.



By the way, ... thanX to all you knutz who actually downloaded my tunes. Much appreciated. Really.


redneckerz said...

well im still here though. im rather busy aswelll but i try to visit your blog as often as possible. its great that your still active with your tunes. great job.

happy new year aswell dimaensionx. hopefully you are doing good.


r13 said...

Just listened to new samples, more headbang-inducting stuff now ;) I passed some of your albums to my friend, who loves all that jazz-rock-fusion-experimental stuff and he was amazed - you've got new fan, Dave! :)

Happy New Year, and waiting for more music from youQ

Frozen Oath said...

Hey man, thanks for checking out my blog! I get a good deal of enjoyment out of your albums, and will post more in the future.

The Doom 2 album was my favorite. It took me back to being a little kid playing Doom 2 with my cousin back in the day. And it sounds great re-done as a metal album!

So thanks again for stopping by and keep up the good music!