Burn Without Me and Moroghor news

As you may have noticed, there haven't been any news or updates for quite sometime now. Neither band is considered "active" anymore. Both are on extended hiatus. There are a few reasons for this.

First and foremost (and here's the big reveal for those of you who still may not have actually figured it out yet) neither band actually exists. Both are fictional bands created by Dimaension X. Yup, I, Dimaension X (also know my my true identity of Dave Lanciani) am the sole member of each project. I made each one up to explore different styles of music without too much of a connection to my own main Dimaension X stuff. Any other band member names in either project are fictional. Kind of like Brandon Smalls and Dethklok, or Steven Wilson's early vision of Porcupine Tree.

Secondly, I just haven't had any time to devote to either project, or even my own stuff since I joined a real band. Yes, a real band that actually does exist in reality - i.e., other actual humans who play instruments and sing. For now, this is what I am concentrating on. Quite frankly, I really needed this. It is such a blast to take part in musical creation with real people, just cranking up the amps and blasting away on simple chugging muted rock-power chords.

I'm also closing both bands' Myspace accounts. I'm just too busy and too lazy to keep up with maintaining them. I also closed my Dimaension X Myspace page. Everything you need to know about either project is still at their respective websites and blogs which are still active, as are the links to download their albums. I am going to try to upload Moroghor's music to The Internet Archive soon, so that ALL of the music I've done is readily available from there.

I'll be posting the same new update at all of the main websites, so all of our fans (all three of you!) will be properly informed.

Please note that this news does not mean that any of these projects are gone forever. When I have some time again, I may dig in and post some new music, depending of what mood I'm in. Feeling black and evil - I'll do some Moroghor tunes! Feeling generally schizophrenic and heavy - Burn Without Me! Jazzy-rock-ambient-classical? Dimaension X.

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